Teachers can now share links with a classroom full of students much faster, thanks to a new Chrome extension. 

Google’s new ‘Page Sender’ extension allows users of the Google Classroom platform to “push” URLs to students’ computers and lets students fling URLs right back to their teacher.

Teachers no longer have to ask — and then wait! — for students to type in long URLs and web-pages, or check they’ve done so correctly. With just a single click the resources can be on their screen.

This handy .gif from Google illustrates the features wonderfully:

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“With this extension, you can get your students on the right page, quickly and reliably every time. You can also post announcements, create assignments, or save webpages to post to Classroom later,” the Chrome Web Store blurb explains.

Install Share to Classroom

Both teacher and student devices need to have the add-on installed for the feature to work, but Google console admins pre-install the add-on to all eligible devices, including Chromebooks Macs and Windows PCs. For more details on how to do this refer to the following support article.

Support details for Google ‘Share to Classroom’ Extension

Note that Share to Classroom extension is only available to those using Google Classroom with a Google Apps for Education or Non-Profit account. It is not available for home users.

‘Share to Classroom’ on the Chrome Web Store

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