If you’re an avid user of Google’s note taking web-app ‘Scratchpad’ you’ll want to jot the following down: development on it is stopping.

The application, which comes pre-installed on ChromeOS, is a popular “jot pad” for ideas, especially since it works offline and syncs back to the cloud when connection is resumed.

But it’s to be no more. All bugs relating to Scratchpad have been classed as ‘won’t fix’, with the following comment added:

“Pausing development on Scratchpad for now.

‘Paused = Discontinued”

Paused doesn’t sound as dramatic as ‘discontinued’, but when it comes to Google projects it essentially means the same thing. Remember Google Wave? Before it was formally canned for good development on it was “paused”. The same trend has happened to other Google services.

The good news is that although the web-app may vanish (no word yet on whether it will be removed from existing users) your notes won’t as Scratchpad uses Google Docs to store your notes.


At the time of writing the app is still available to install, so if you want it – there’s still time to get it.

Scratchpad on Chrome Web Store

Via François Beaufort

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