(Chrome)Cast your minds back to July and you may recall we previewed 3 UI changes hot-footing their way to the Chrome OS desktop.

Spike-less pop-ups, colourful new click-states for the system tray and app launcher and, in the the case of the latter, a move to the far left of the app shelf.

Chrome OS System Tray - Colourful
Chrome OS System Tray – Colourful

A flag (read: ‘on switch‘) for these changes was added to the dev channel of Chrome OS recently. Enabling it gives you the chance to play with the new layout ahead of its arrival in Chrome OS Stable next month.

At present the new shelf design is only available on the Chrome OS Dev Channel. It should make its way to the Beta channel in a couple of weeks.

To enable the new Chrome App Shelf design:

  • Open a new tab in Chrome
  • Enter the URL ‘chrome:flags’ followed by Enter/Return 
  • Press Ctrl+F and search for the word ‘Shelf’
  • Click ‘Enable’
  • Restart Chrome
Chrome OS How To app launcher shelf