The HP Chromebook 11 has been officially announced. Click here to see more details.
Not the 11" Version
Not the 11″ Version – but it could look similar?

Not content with cornering the 14″ Chromebooks market, it seems PC maker HP are prepping a smaller, lighter 11″ variant.

Tech site Engadget, who were tipped to the existence of the device in one of the computer maker’s energy reports, also unearthed a support page for it, though it is, as of writing, blank.

But thankfully that’s not all we know.

Chromebook 11 Specs

An alleged Best Buy store listing passed to Engadget provides us with some minor salient details on the unexpected 11-incher.

It will sport a 11.6″ high-definition screen; use the same HP TrueVision HD Webcam as its bigger brother; and come with Beats Audio technology built in.

There goes the bargain basement price, then. 

Size wise the Chromebook 11 will be a svelte 0.7″ thick (the 14″ version comes in at 0.81″ for reference) and weigh a light 2.42 pounds.

Battery life will, according to the same listing, clock in at 6.5 hours.

For now this is where the info trail ends. Could the Chromebook 11 be a miniature version of HP’s new 14″ model? Until pictures leak we’ll just have to guess.

With Chromebook sales already proving strong this year, and more laptop makers looking to stave off a wane in Windows 8 sales by jumping on the bandwagon, could there be a few more Chromebook surprises to learn of before the year is out? 

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