Can’t decide which of HP’s new Chromebooks to buy? The following video, which pits both devices against one another in a performance test, might help you make up your mind.

Both of HP’s recent Chromebooks are great buys in their own right, but the small price differential – a mere $20 – makes deciding whether to plump for a bigger screen (in the 14) or a better screen (in the 11) harder than in previous generations.

In the video excerpt below the performance of both devices is compared. The lighter, smaller Chromebook 11 comes off worse, with the limits of the ARM CPU more than evident when using certain sites, like GMail, Google+ and Twitter (as anyone who has used a Samsung Chromebook, which uses the same chip,  can attest to).

But the 14″ isn’t perfect either. It may have a larger screen, but it isn’t as great as that in the 11″ version, which uses an IPS display for vivid, life-like colours and fantastic viewing angles.

But if you’re still holding off buying the run-down might persuade you one way or the other…

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