The stark white backdrop to Google Chrome’s new tab page is hardly the most inspiring of backgrounds. If it leaves you feeling cold, you may want to try adding Momentum.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 15.30.37Momentum, which describes itself as a “personal dashboard” for Chrome, is a replacement for the standard New Tab Page in Chrome. Combining striking HD imagery, motivational quotes and a handful of small extras aiming to help hone your focus, it could just as accurately be called‘Motivator’.

The main screen displays the current time, a personal greeting and, once a day, prompts you to set your ‘main focus’. Extras include a quick link to your apps page, a to-do list and weather forecast. You’ll also find an inspirational quote sat waiting at the bottom of the screen, waiting to defuse any frustration or doubts.

With an emphasis on ‘getting on with things’, Momentum could help tame the procrastinator within. In hiding the attention grabbing clutter of bookmarks and frequently visited sites it really does help in refocusing attention on the stuff that matters.

Aside from that, the extension is fairly light on system resources, and only requires basic permissions. Compared to more elaborate and encompassing options, like iChrome, that’s a hugely welcome move.

Install Momentum for Google Chrome

Momentum is a free extension for Chrome and is available directly from the Web Store.

Momentum New Tab Page on Chrome Web Store

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