Momentum certainly lives up to its name

The popular Chrome New Tab Page replacement ‘Momentum’ has been updated with some nifty extras, including customisable quick links and an integrated search box.

Momentum is one of the most popular extensions of its kind on the Chrome Web Store, having amassed a 300,000 strong user base since its launch back in 2013.

Part of its appeal is in its balance of simplicity — clean, bold typography, stunning imagery — and practicability — integrated todo list, weather forecast. When combined with an inspirational new quote, personal greeting and space to enter your own daily “focus”, it’s easy to see why the add-on is talked about as a springboard for productivity.

But enough of the history lesson. You’re here to see what’s new.

New Features


Version 0.40 of Momentum hit the Web Store last night and introduces the following features:

  • New ‘Links’ widget — Add, edit and rearrange web shortcuts
  • New ‘Search’ widget — Perform Google searches inside Momentum
  • New ‘Customize’ panel — pick and choose which widgets are on show
  • Support for new user accounts, with settings sync planned


Download Momentum for Google Chrome

Momentum is a free, ad-free extension and is available from the Chrome Web Store.

Momentum Dash on Chrome Web Store

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