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‘Quick QR Code’ is a free Chrome extension that lets you quickly generate a QR code from a web links and images while you browse.  

Others users can than scan the QR code you made using a barcode scanner on their mobile device to see the content you shared.

In the age of chat apps and social networks sharing a link through an image may seem a slightly longwinded way to do things. On the flip side, it can be super handy for embedding links in graphics that people walk past or for ‘hiding’ a link so that the content is a surprise.

Using Quick QRCode

Don’t Scan Me

Once installed  you can right click on any webpage, image, text or link and use the “Quick QRCode” option to generate a pixel-packed tile for it.

A toolbar button is added too, letting you can create content manually if needed.

Qr Codes are a slightly cumbersome way of sharing URLs or images but, depending the situation, can be useful to save people entering lengthy web addresses or save a few step (e.g. for app downloads, etc).

They can be very handy for sending lengthy URLs or content you want to be a surprise (the flip side of that is, unlike a link you can preview, you can’t be sure of where or what a Qr Code points to, so use with caution).

Unlike a “website” that lets you generate images this extension:

  • Works Offline
  • Right-Click context menu that let’s you…
  • Generate QRCodes for pages, links, images or selected text
  • Toolbar button for creating custom content


There are a vast array of Qr Code generators on the Chrome Web Store, both extensions and apps. While Quick QrCode is largely similar to most of them, it’s the one I use when I’m in a pinch.

If you have your own favourites do share them in the comments section below.

Install Qr Code Generator for Chrome

QuickQr is a free, open source extension for Chrome and Chrome OS and can be installed from the Chrome Web Store.

Quick QrCode Extension on Chrome Web Store

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