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Samsung brings live support to Chrome OS

Cast your mind (no, not that way) back a few months and you may recall we reported that an ‘Amazon-style Mayday’ feature was being trialled for Chrome OS.

Well, today, with the launch of the Intel-based Samsung Chromebook 2, the feature has gone live.

If you’re using a Samsung device and live in the US you access live one-on-one support from Samsung reps right on the Chrome desktop.

How? Let’s take a look.

Access Live Samsung Help

As we saw back in August, when the feature was being trialled by Google, the feature is accessible through a button in the “Get Help” app that comes pre-installed on all Chromebooks.

On a Samsung device just open the “Help” app, then click the “Contact Samsung (BETA)” button shown in the bottom of the side panel.

chrome os help button

A support window will open up. If you live in the USA and are attempting to get help during supported hours (see below for those) it will launch a video chat with a support worker at one of Samsung’s North American call centres.

chromebook assist feature

If you’re not in the US, or are attempting to contact outside of office hours, you’ll see the screen above.

Once connected, Samsung say you’ll be able to chat to a real, actual human being about any problems you’re experiencing. Reps will attempt to offer advice and solutions, and can even control your device (with permission) to show you how to fix, use or open a feature for yourself.

Samsung say reps will be available to provide assistance to US customers between Monday and Friday, 10AM to 7PM Eastern Time only.

As I’m not in the US I can’t test this out, but if you are and give it a whirl, let us know how you get on! 

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