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Google+ Photos app now available for all Chromebooks

Google+ Photos app is now available for all Chromebooks from today, originally exclusive to the Chromebook Pixel.

20 August 2013

Install the Chromebook Pixel ‘Google+ Photos’ App on Any Chromebook

The new Google+ Photos App for the Chromebook Pixel can be installed on any Chrome OS device - including the Samsung Chromebook

26 June 2013

[How To] Install the Google+ Photos App ‘Pulsar’

If you’re any kind of Chromie fanboy worth his pixels, you have probably already come across the new Google+ Photos App, ‘Pulsar’. But have you tried it yet?

4 March 2013

[How To] Enable Right-Side Chat in Gmail

I'm a heavy Google+ user and I tend to switch between Gmail and Plus often and because of this, the Google Chat box jumps from left (Gmail) and right (Google+). I show you how to move the chat box to the right for easier access and better visual consistency.

2 October 2012

Google Start Rolling Out Custom Google+ URLs

Google has announced that vanity URLs - which offer users a shorter, custom web address for their profile - are on the way.

14 August 2012