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3 Reasons To Consider the Lenovo N20p Convertible Chromebook

Lenovo may now be the world's biggest PC maker, but their crop of Yoga-ified Chromebooks seem to be getting the cold shoulder from Chrome enthusiasts.

24 October 2014

Convertible Lenovo Chromebook Lands on Amazon US for $330 (Pre Order)

Pre-orders for the Lenovo N20p Chromebook, a semi-convertible touchscreen notebook with a novel 300-degree hinge, have gone live on Amazon in the US.

30 June 2014

Hands On With Lenovo’s Convertible Chromebooks

Lenovo's education-facing Thinkpad Yoga 11e and the touchscreen consumer Lenovo N20p have been getting some hands-on love in the last few weeks.

20 June 2014

Lenovo Unveils Two New Chromebooks, Starting at $279

Lenovo has announced a pair of brand new Chromebooks, one sporting a flexible touchscreen able to flip 300-degrees, will hit shelves in time for summer.

6 May 2014