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Google’s Plan to Protect Mac Users from Rogue Chrome Extensions

Mac users are to be better protected against malicious Chrome extensions, Google has announced.

13 May 2015

Is ‘Awesome Screenshot’ Add-On Doing Something Unawesome In The Background?

Despite the fun name, Awesome Screenshot is doing something decidedly unawesome in the background: harvesting your browsing data.

22 August 2014
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Chrome Now Protects Against ‘Deceptive’ Software Downloads

Google is to begin blocking downloads of 'deceptive' and 'tricky' software in Chrome as part of its responsibility to protect users from malware.

15 August 2014

Two Adware-Infected Add-Ons Pulled from Chrome Web Store

Google has pulled two extensions from the Chrome Web Store after reports they were hijacking users' browsing experience to serve up unwanted ads.

20 January 2014

Chrome’s Adware Add-Ons Now Target of User Awareness Campaign

Revelations that adware companies are buying popular Chrome extensions in order to hijack the browsing experience of tens-of-thousands of users has – rightly – shocked many.

20 January 2014

Adware Companies Are Buying Up Popular Chrome Add-Ons

In what sounds like the paranoid conspiracy theory of an anti-Google shill, some popular Chrome extensions are reportedly being bought up by pedlars of malware looking for a fast way to infect thousands of users at once.

17 January 2014

Google To Stop Windows Users Installing Chrome Extensions From Outside Web Store

Google has announced a new approach in their fight against malware in Chrome on Windows - one that will restrict the way in which extensions are installed.

7 November 2013