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This Chrome Extension Brings Twitter’s Night Mode to the Web

Twitter recently introduced a 'night mode' option to its mobile apps. Now, a new Chrome extension brings the same dark theme feature to the web.

8 September 2016
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‘Refined Twitter’ Chrome Extension

I am a big Twitter user, and I make ample use of the social network’s official Windows, Mac and Android apps. But when I’m on my Chromebook I’ve little choice but to use the main Twitter website. The main […]

28 July 2016

Big Tweets Is a Free Twitter Chromecast App for Android

Big Tweets for Android is a freemium Android app that brings Twitter Chromecast support to all.

30 July 2014

‘Paridae’ for Chrome Makes The Twitter Website Responsive

As the capabilities of Chrome Apps have grown one service has, thus far, remained largely unserved: Twitter.

5 June 2014

Tweetdeck for Chrome Updated With New Interface, Flatter Icon

Twitter's Chrome app Tweetdeck has been updated. And when I say updated I do mean updated.

5 June 2013