twitter-night-web-chrome-extensionTwitter recently introduced a ‘night mode’ option to its official apps on Android and iOS.

Now, a new Chrome extension brings the same dark theme feature to the web.

Well, almost.

While ‘Twitter Web Night Mode’ does apply a dark theme/night mode to Twitter’s web client it only applies to Home page (your timeline/stream). It doesn’t affect the appearance of the notifications, direct messages, or search section. It also doesn’t apply to the Twitter mobile site, or the webpage when used in responsive mode.

At least, not yet.

The extension adds a small Twitter emblem to the Chrome toolbar. Click this when viewing the website to switch the night mode on. Click it again to switch it off.

Simple enough, right?

Twitter Web Night Mode is the developer’s first Chrome extension, and he says he’d appreciate feedback, suggestions or help in improving the add-on. Head to the extension’s GitHub page to file issues or contribute code.

These small limitations aside, I reckon Twitter Web Night Mode is a handy must-have for those of you who indulge in late-night Twitter reading.

You can install it right now, in any desktop Chrome browser (including Chrome OS) direct from the Chrome Web Store:

Twitter Web Night Mode on the Chrome Web Store

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