android  chrome apk maker iconFour new Android apps are now available on the Chrome Web Store for use with Chromebooks and other Chrome devices. 

As with other Android apps ported over so far, the latest selection won’t win any points in the brand recognition stakes but should go some way to rounding out the platforms educational allure.

4 New Android Apps for Chrome

The four new apps added to the Chrome Web Store brings the total number of Android Apps for Chromebooks to a healthy 29 (it would be 30, but Yo! was removed from the selection shortly after being added).

The new apps in question are:

  • MathFriendzy  educational game
  • Baby Block — educational game
  • Flashcards — study aid
  • Photo Editor — …I’ll let you guess

You can, as always, check out our ‘Android Apps for Chrome‘ tag to read about other Android apps released so far.

Baby Blocks

baby wooden blocks gameI don’t know how many under 4s read this site, much less use Chromebooks, but the few who do should be pleased to see this colourful Android game shore up on the shelves of the Chrome Web Store.

Baby Blocks is an educational learning app designed for small children that looks like a regular wooden puzzle shape game but with a richer variety of sound effects and puzzles.

Baby Blocks (Android App) on Chrome Web Store


Describing itself as an ‘easy to use’ study aid, Flashcards lets you download packs of flashcards on hundreds of topics, from mathematics to languages to geography, as well as the option to create and design your own.

The app features some interesting extras, including the ability yo keep track of progress for each deck and each card specifically, allowing users to identify weaknesses and improve their skills more finesse.

Flashcards also features a matching game, the option to ‘join classes’ and learn with others and a built-in ‘text to speech’ mode.

Flashcards (Android App) on Chrome Web Store

Math Friendzy

The web store listing for Math Frenzy bills it as “the most revolutionary math educational program designed to help students excel in math[s].” It combines “patent pending features” with the “fun, excitement and social networking components of popular video games” to create something that should, by hyperbole alone, make for an interesting play.

Does it live up to such hype? As someone allergic to mathematics of any kind I’ll defer opinion to you. Give the Chrome port of this game a whirl and let us know what you make of it!

Math Friendzy (Android App) on Chrome Web Store

Photo Editor

photo editor app

The Chrome Web Store is awash with native and increasingly powerful photo editors like Pixlr Touch Up and Polarr. Adding to their ranks is the perfunctorily named Photo Editor, an Android app with a large feature set.

As apps Photo Editor is not the most intuitive to use at first, with options, effects and toggles all hiding behind  buttons. A few minutes of poking around should be enough to get you orientated with its general layout.

There are options for adjusting colour, adding effects (including blur and sharpen), cropping, rotating and adding a frame around an image.

Curve editors allow those with a bit more knowledge to really take control of how colors appear in a photo, while a well-stocked drawing mode allows for adding text, lines, shapes and other on-image edits.

For more casual needs Photo Editor can do a few things missing in the stock Chrome OS editing app, including adjusting perspective, correcting backlight issues, and exporting images to a number of different image formats.

Photo Editor (Android App) on Chrome Web Store

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