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10 New Apps Add Chromecast Support Ahead of the Holidays

Some of the new apps adding Chromecast support.

Some of the new apps adding Chromecast support.

Google are spreading the holiday cheer to Chromecast users with 10 new apps sporting Chromecast support.

A featureful Chromecast popup in RealPlayer Cloud.

A featureful Chromecast popup in RealPlayer Cloud.

The ten new apps adding Chromecast support are:

  • Avia
  • BeyondPod
  • Plex
  • PostTV
  • RealPlayer Cloud
  • Red Bull.TV
  • Revision 3
  • Songza
  • VEVO
  • Viki

Of these Plex, Avia, and RealPlayer Cloud will let you stream “personal media” to your Chromecast. This was possible with AllCast – an app by CyanogenMod developer Koushik Dutta – before Google disabled the API being used back in August. Incidentally, this is another sign of Google’s attempt to woo larger content providers and producers by locking down APIs at the expense of smaller third-party developers.

Do note that Plex requires a PlexPass subscription at this time and Avia requires an in-app purchase of $2.99 to enable the “extras” that include Chromecast support. RealPlayer Cloud, however, lets you cast cloud or local content with just a free account. Some of the other apps listed above also have subscriptions or additional purchases that may be required to enable casting.

‘a significant boost to the Chromecast’s ecosystem…’

The Android apps should already be updated or be receiving updates posthaste with Chromecast support.  Some apps, like VEVO, have also been updated to add support for iOS devices, and considering the precedent set by Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, and most other Chromecast-toting apps, you should expect to see most iOS equivalents for these 10 apps updating in the near future as well.

This new pool of 10 apps is a significant boost to the Chromecast’s ecosystem given the device has only had some of the bigger names in content delivery – Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora amongst them – jumping on board in the first few months of the device’s existence.

Learn More About the New Chromecast Apps

  • Aleix Pol

    This still means chromecast is a nice way to see youtube on the TV, because I honestly doubt I’ll be ever using any of these…

  • Kevin Sewell

    Yes!! Plex now I am intrested.

  • ForSquirel

    This makes me happy. Finally!!!! Time to buy another chromecast..

  • Chuck Cortes

    I like the Plex software, use it at home on the Roku and GoogleTV. Was excited to know they were gonna add Chromecast support, specially since I just got one a few weeks ago. But, they gone and screwed it up. Not only do I have to pay for the app, which i was willing to thanks to the Chromecast support, but I also have to get a Plex Pass? Sorry, they just lost a potential customer to their Android app. That was stupidly greedy in my opinion.

    • Sam Tran

      Apologies, I’ve updated the article as PlexPass is required for casting at the moment.

      As for what looks like “double dipping”, Plex actually comes in two flavours on the Play Store: a paid version and a “free” version specifically for PlexPass subscribers. You shouldn’t need a PlexPass subscription to cast if you opt to buy the app once casting rolls out to the paid app as well, if I understand Plex’s model correctly.

      • Chuck Cortes

        Thanks for the update, however, based on the webpage for the android app:

        “You spoke, we listened…. Official Chromecast support for video (music and photos coming soon). This feature currently requires a Plex Pass subscription.”

        Doesn’t sound like 2 different models. Even odder considering the app is free with Plex Pass. Total shame because I was just about to buy the app, right up to the point I saw the part where its required. Too bad for them

        • Sam Tran

          I was basing my assumption on the section that says “for an initial period, the Chromecast feature is only available to our beloved PlexPass users, who get exclusive access to many new features.” – which I hope implies it’ll eventually come to the non-PlexPass, $4.99 version of the Plex app after the “initial period” passes.

          Aha! A comment from one of the Plex folks confirms it as well: “Both Android and iOS users need a PlexPass to use it during this initial preview period. Then it’ll be free for all.”

  • Kenny Strawn

    RealPlayer Cloud, of course, only allots 2GB of online storage for free, and you have to pay a subscription fee of $49.99 per year to get 25GB. But everything else about it — including Chromecast support — is indeed free.

    Also, there’s only four input fields in the sign-up form — the same number AND type of fields as the new account form for Wikipedia, ironically enough — and if you’ve also got Facebook, you don’t even have to use it as you can just click the social sign-in button and you’re good to go.

    What’s more: Given that Facebook certainly won’t have the nerve to officially support the Chromecast anytime soon — at least not until Google opens up the Cast SDK for everyone — RealPlayer Cloud does the unthinkable. It will actually pull videos (and links to videos) that you and your friends have posted right off of Facebook and send them to the Chromecast. Yup, thanks to RPC, the Chromecast just got unofficial Facebook support…

  • Paul

    RealPlayer Cloud app – This app is incompatible with all of your devices? Not available to UK users :(