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Acer Update C7 Chromebook with 4GB RAM & 6 Hours Battery Life

And the Chromebooks keep coming!


Acer has today released a  revised version of their C7 Chromebook. RAM is upgraded to 4GB and battery life has increased to 6 hours. Available today for $279.99

Acer released their second generation Chromebook, the C7, late last year. The C7 is the cheapest Chromebook on sale for $199, and featured an Intel Celeron CPU, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD and 3 hours of battery life.

The revised C7 model, will feature a RAM upgrade to 4GB which is in-line with the recently released Chromebook Pixel.

The battery life has also received a significant upgrade from 3 hours to 6 hours, matching the Samsung ARM Chromebook.

The new model still retains the 1.1Ghz Intel Celeron CPU and 320GB HDD.

The new C7 is available today at Amazon for $279:

Acer C7 (Revised) on

The original C7 is still available from the Google Play Store for $199:

Acer C7 (Original) on Google Play Store US

  • Andrew Mezzi

    Why are they still using Intel? ARM CPU’s use less power and are cheaper. At this price, I’d just get the Samsung.

  • Javier Bastardo

    Can’t wait to see the upgrade Samsung does to their Series 3, been waiting for that in order to buy a Chromebook. (Almost bought a C7 for the price until I saw this, must be patient and wait some more).

  • Mike

    I’m waiting for a 12.1 or 13 inch model with a higher resolution display. 8-10 hour battery life and 802.11ac wouldn’t hurt either.

  • Jrodd

    What was acer thinking with 3 Hour battery life? They always have low battery life… The New 6 Hours is alright but lets shoot for 8-10 Hours.

  • Pouria

    any thoughts on performance of having 4gb?

  • Pppiii

    Any speculation as to when we may see this kind of refresh on the Samsung 3 series?

  • J Karle

    Yes, I almost wait too for the new model to be released, but the price of the current Acer C7 was too good to pass up. Check out how I am transitioning to it here: