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Blink-Based Opera 15 Rolls Out to All

The first version of the Opera web browser to be based on Chromium has been released.

Opera 15, based on Chromium 28, brings with it Google’s new Blink rendering engine and a host of new features, including support for Chromium extensions. 

But it’s not merely a Chrome-clone. Aside from the Blink/V8 combo powering things under the hood, Opera have added their own stamp, as the video below shows.

Opera 15 is available to download for Windows and Mac, with a Linux version to follow shortly.

Download Opera 15 for Windows & Mac

  • Kevin Messer

    That new skin for Chrome is awesome.

    • AngusPearson

      I see what you did there :p

    • Jamie White

      It’s much quicker than chrome and less prone to crashes (though the lack of a pepper plugin might be the reason behind that).

      • This means that Opera is still dependent on an independent Flash installation. On Linux, since Flash is not really “supported” anymore outside of security updates, Linux users are stuck with Chrome if they want up to date flash.

        • Jamie White

          You know what, I wasn’t going to reply as what you said is completely true.
          But I just feel the need to say that one day, one day, flash won’t be supported.
          We’ll have an alternative that actually works and is much safer.

        • Guest

          I use flash with Firefox all the time on Linux

  • Sagar Raut

    I like to think of this as chrome with snooping features disabled. In short, a win-win situation!

    • Keegan Choffat

      Chrome with some cool website specific goodies (FB notifications). I wonder if it has G+ integration. If she, it’d be better than chrome has.

    • Stb Hernández


  • “Rolls out to all”

    “Linux version to follow shortly”

  • o.p.1.2.5

    Ubuntu 13.10 = default browser = Mozilla Firefox.

    but i want = chromium.

    wait a second.

    = I like the name opera.

    = with blink.
    = no linux client yet.

    • It would be kinda funny if Opera became the default browser for Ubuntu. However I know this would never happen because Opera is not open source, and probably never will be.

      • disciplinado

        Maybe the only thing that could save opera and help this browser gain a remarkable browser usage share is to open the source code and be an open source program. Now that google’s chrome is a closed source program, opera could be an open source alternative

        • Google chrome was always closed source. Though it is based on Chromium which is open source.

  • Linux is always one of the last platforms to get stuff released on. Ah well, I guess I’ll have to wait a few days.

    • Oderian Edwards

      I think Linux takes longer because it’s a more difficult process than Windows/Mac OS; not sure though.

      • No. In a lot of cases Linux uses less resources and runs faster. The trouble is porting to Linux when you started development on a different platform.

  • “Rolls out to all”

    “Linux version to follow shortly”

  • AvemFlamma

    No Linux support? Too bad. You almost had me on the switch…

    • Lou G

      no linux support yet. opera has been good on that though

      • Keegan Choffat

        Does Opera offer Flash and Java preinstalled like Chrome does?

        • On Windows and Mac no, we don’t know their plans for Linux.

          • shitopera

            stay away from Opera, as long as they keep ignoring Linux community..

          • TomEver

            It’s not like you have a choice. You can’t use it if it doesn’t exist. So your comment is basically pointless.

        • Lou G

          I don’t use it, so I don’t know. I can check though.

  • WidyGraycloud

    now opera engine is chrome?
    that’s cool, i like opera because the design
    but i more like chrome because its faster
    Now I think it’s noproblem to chose opera

  • Chris

    Doesn’t even render the whole page. Cuts off many websites, its slick, but that bug.. Is bugging me…

  • Dipish

    Hey if there’s no Linux support then you can’t say that it “Rolls Out to All”!
    More than two weeks have passed and still no linux version…

    • 4 weeks now and still nothing..

      • Dipish

        Not exactly nothing, they also released Opera Next 16 with no Linux support either!

        • hmm.. “nice”. Seems like Linux lost one browser…

          • Hayden Bridges

            Going on two months now. Damn. I was actually looking forward to this release.

  • Hayden Bridges

    Still no Linux support after 2 months :( Version 12 is ugly as hell and no global menu

  • Andrew

    Can anyone tell me when Opera 15 for Linux is due out? The wait is getting ridiculous. I really do think the Opera team are turning their backs on Linux users.

  • demonkoryu

    I already have Opera 15 for Linux. It’s easy:

    1. Download Chrome
    2. There is no step 2.

    Yeah, that’s lame. I know. I’m frustrated.

    • TomEver

      Except Chrome doesn’t have SpeedDial, gestures, Stash, OffRoad, Discover, etc.

      • demonkoryu

        That’s what I meant to say.

  • Well, the linux version of a blink-based Opera is as far as I know still not ready! Any news on this?