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Google Chrome 64 Bit Windows Builds Hit Beta

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Chrome is finally playing catch-up

If you’re a Chrome user running a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows then you may want a native 64-bit build of the browser to go along with it.

The first steps towards this were made public two months ago, with Google debuting native 64-bit Windows builds of Chrome on the Canary and Developer channels.

Today, the company has gone a little bit further. It nudges its flagship browser ever-closer towards mainstream release by bringing Beta channel users into the mix.

25% Better Performance

Has it been a long wait to get this far? You bet. But has it been worth it? Based on performance reports from the builds, most certainly.

As reported during June’s dev debut, 64-bit Chrome for Windows features performance improvements of “up to 25% in graphics and multimedia content handling” and a ‘marked increase in stability’ over its 32-bit sibling.


Google says both Windows 7 and 8 are supported by the release. To get it download the 64-bit installer from the Chrome beta download page.

Download Google Chrome Beta (64bit) for Windows

The Chrome Team cautions that installing the release will replace any existing 32 bit version on your system. Your settings, apps, bookmarks and user accounts will be carried over as part of the upgrade.

That said, once you’ve committed it’s not quite so simple to turn back. You will not be able to downgrade or return to the stable 32 bit channel without first uninstalling Chrome — a process that will remove your settings, apps, and bookmarks.

Are you going to be taking this release for a spin? Let us know how you get on!

  • jokeyrhyme
  • Jonathan Plumber

    Is this the same as the Google Chrome Mobile App you can load onto the USB Drive stick ? and does it auto update ? I’m still can’t get my head around talking in Bits eg My Hp Compaq Notebook PC is a 64Bit system but runs a Win7 32Bit directory I also have 86Bit Programs running and my RAM uses a 8Bit superFetch so What is the advantage or disadvantage of running a 64/32/bBit system ?

    • Caleb King

      x86 programs are 32bit NOT 86 bit. *to my knowledge* there is no 86 bit computer. And the benefit of 64 bit is that it handles a greater amount of ram more efficiently as well as allowing the processor to work more fluidly.

  • Jonathan Plumber

    Why have you not got a Share Post option with Google + and only give a share option to Facebook and Twitter neither of witch I use and you software Comment application wipes off my comment and asks for my Profile& details that have my profile photo place and work business and then askes me to fill the details in for them all over again you need to update your format software

  • disqus_RGuqVweE3k

    64 bit is also available for Mac starting with v38 Canary :D

  • Lucas

    Maybe a 64bit ChromeOS in pipeline ?

    • moe

      ya i would assume there is going to be that transition especially when Android is is becoming 64 bit as well.

  • murazaki

    Actually is Chromium/Chrome on Ubuntu compiled for 64 bits ?