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steam running on an R11 chromebook

This is Steam for Windows Running on a Chromebook

CodeWeavers has launched its highly-anticipated CrossOver Android Technology Preview.

25 August 2016

Want to Install Windows Software on a Chromebook? You Soon Can

Do you miss having your favourite Windows applications on your Chromebook? Well, miss no more…

15 July 2016

Easily Install Chromium for Windows with Chrlauncher

A new tool makes it easy for Windows users to run an up-to-date version of Chromium, the open-source browser Google Chrome is based on.

26 January 2016

Windows Phone Fans Renew Plea for Google Chrome

Windows Phone fans have renewed their plea for Google to bring Chrome to Microsoft's mobile platform.

19 May 2015

This Is Windows 8.1 Running on a Chromebook

We're used to hearing about people opting to install Linux on their Chromebook but Windows? That's different.

18 May 2015

‘Intel Easy Migration’ App Makes Moving Files to Chromebooks Simple

Intel has launched a new utility to help new (Intel-powered) Chromebook owners transfer fave files and settings from iOS, Android or Windows to Chrome OS.

22 December 2014

Windows Users Will Soon Be Able to ‘Open Files’ with Chrome Apps

Google is bringing 'open with…' file associations for Chrome Apps to the Windows desktop.

24 October 2014

Chrome Beta Brings Fixes for Windows Battery Drain Bug

Rewind back to the middle of July and amid the balmy British summer Google Chrome came under heat from Windows users for consuming as much as 25% more battery than other browsers.

24 September 2014

At $300, the HP Stream Won’t Be Troubling Chromebooks

The 14-inch 'HP Stream' Windows laptop is gearing up for launch — but not at the 'Chromebook killer' price of $199 many had erroneously expected.

10 September 2014

Google Brings ‘Chrome Metro Mode’ to Windows 7 Users

Windows 7 users can now play with the Chrome OS-style Windows 8 Metro Mode in the latest Chrome Canary builds, a feature previously exclusive to Windows 8.

5 September 2014

Google Chrome 64-bit for Windows Now Stable, Here’s How To Get It

The release of Google Chrome v37 on the stable channel brings Windows users more than nicer looking fonts. It also brings with it the first stable 64-bit builds.

28 August 2014
Chrome First Aid

How To Fix ‘Update Failed (Error 7)’ Issue on Chrome Windows

Egads! Is Chrome refusing to update on Windows? Chances are you're experiencing the infamous Chrome Error 7 issue. Well, don't fret: here's the fix!

8 August 2014