Do you miss having your favourite Windows applications on your Chromebook? Well, miss no more…

CrossOver is a piece of software that lets you install and run Windows software on Mac and Linux — and now it’s coming to Android.

CodeWeavers, the development company behind the tool, have tested it out on an Intel-based Chromebook that support the Play Store.

And guess what? It works!

“We were able to install the Steam Client into CrossOver for Android and run LIMBO and other games,they write.

“We have DirectX 9 support, keyboard support, mouse support, and sound support today! People, we are staring at a Leprechaun riding on the back of a Unicorn while taking a picture of a UFO. We are running CrossOver through Android on a ChromeBook running a Windows based game launched from the Steam client.”

By running Windows software through the Android layer on Chrome OS (keep up!) you can install apps like Steam, Firefox and more on a Chromebook.

Yes, on a Chromebook.

There’ll naturally be drawbacks, performance issues and incompatibilities, just as there are on CrossOver for Linux. But when you think about what it means it’s a killer combination, one poised to open up a world of flexibility to Google’s Chromebooks.

CrossOver for Android is not yet released, but the company is eagerly recruiting willing testers. Want to get involved? Hit up the company’s blogpost for full details.

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