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Google Chrome for Mac Is Now 64-bit Only

Google Chrome for Mac is now 64-bit only, a move that will lead to better performance, security and general stability of the browser in OS X from here on in.

19 November 2014

Opera for Mac Follows Chrome to Go 64-bit Only on OS X

The latest developer release of the Chromium-based Opera web browser is now 64-bit only on OS X, a move that follows a similar decision from Google.

5 September 2014

Google Chrome Beta For Mac Now 64-Bit By Default

One step closer: Google Chrome Beta 64-bit builds rolling out to Mac OS X, a move that follows the first stable 64-bit builds on Windows.

29 August 2014

Google Chrome 64-bit for Windows Now Stable, Here’s How To Get It

The release of Google Chrome v37 on the stable channel brings Windows users more than nicer looking fonts. It also brings with it the first stable 64-bit builds.

28 August 2014

Google Chrome Dev Now 64-Bit on Mac OS X

Are you using the Google Chrome Canary or Dev Channel on your Mac? There's a 64-bit surprise for you.

5 August 2014

Google Chrome 64 Bit Windows Builds Hit Beta

Google has brought native 64 bit builds of Chrome for Windows to beta channel users, two months after debuting builds on the developer channel.

31 July 2014

Better Late Than Never: Google Finally Brings 64-bit Chrome to Windows

Google has finally released native 64-bit builds of Chrome for Windows 7 and 8, albeit as development builds aimed at developers and brave testers.

4 June 2014