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Chrome for Android Stable Rolls Out With Material Design

Material Design has arrived in the latest stable release of Google Chrome for Android.

As trialled in the beta builds back in July, the visual makeover touches almost every part of the browser experience, from the New Tab Page through to the menus and dialogs.

The most striking change is seen when opening the browser on mobile. The New Tab Page now combines the URL bar with the new tab search box. Scrolling up morphs the search field into the more familiar address box.

The new NTP behaviour in action

Elsewhere sees menus and dialogs made whiter and more spacious, there are new animations throughout, and a smattering of new icons. The tab switcher and incognito tab also benefit from the modern touch.

One minor change likely to cause some head scratching is the “missing” refresh button. This no longer appears in the URL bar. Instead, you’ll find it tucked up in the overflow menu alongside navigation and bookmarking features.

Other Changes in Chrome 37 for Android

Signing into Chrome 37 with your Google Account now also signs you into Google sites on the web, including Gmail, Google+ and Google Calendar. And, as ever, the release rolls up with a generous helping of performance, stability and security fixes.

Google Chrome 37 for Android is rolling out on Google Play now. If you don’t see an update prompt just yet be patient: these things can take a day or two to land for everyone.

Google Chrome for Android on Play Store

  • J Cav the Great

    My biggest gripe was the refresh button being removed from address bar…

    • Tomfoolery

      Yeah that’s annoying but luckily the next version brings it back (I’m on the Beta channel) :)

      • donald Wyman

        I was just going to complain about this…I guess I will use the beta until the next stable as I hate that…it was so convient.

        • josh6025

          Same here, no refresh button on Beta.

  • James Bell

    Found an easter egg. Go to the tab view, swipe up on a tab 5 times and it does a flip. Nifty. Not sure if this is a new thing or not.

    • Ritik Shah

      Its a very old one. I have been doing that since time immemorial.

  • Will S.

    I disabled Chrome ages ago on my phone. Performance is terrible and can’t even load Disqus properly.

  • Wow I really hate what they’ve done with this for one single reason alone: the new tab page. I want my bookmarks to show on a new tab, not whatever old news article,
    reddit thread or NSFW content I happened to have viewed previously. As utterly disgusted as I was with it on the desktop, an extension was able to get rid of the privacy nightmare it represents. Even the “Enable the new NTP” flag in chrome://flags does not get rid of it. If there was any viable alternative browser, I’d switch right now. (It is unfortunate that Firefox insist in this same ridiculous behaviour). Major thumbs down.

  • moha

    I downloded this version for my android device.
    But Undo to before page has removed!
    And now how can i undo to back in tabs?

  • Henry Gardner

    Where’s the refresh button! And the progress loading bar is terrible too. Seems like someone was being paid to do something v that didn’t need to be done and truly messed it up

  • Foxy

    Has anyone experienced rendering issues? Sometimes when I click links it looks like the old crashed pictures back in the day of dial up! Other times half the page is just blank or shows part of the previous page or just gives up the ghost altogether! I’m thinking about teeing another browser tbh.

  • igividen

    Has Microsoft infiltrated the Google dev team? Removing the refresh button without giving the user the option to put it back reminds me of the same pretentious and pompous developers that removed the start button from Windows 8.

    I understand that changes will be made for better or worse until the end of time. What I don’t understand is why the dev team will not give the users a choice

  • lermdoodles

    Do people actually use Chrome on their Android phone? It got terrible reviews in the Play Store, and everyone I see just uses that terrible ‘Browser’ app that comes with Android.