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Chrome Comes to iOS – But Is it Really Worth It?

It was rumoured for a while, but today it has been confirmed: Google Chrome is coming to iOS. 

And the good news is that you don’t even have to wait long to try it – it will be hitting the Apple App Store today for devices running iOS 4.3 and above.

Download Chrome on the App Store

But is it worth it?

Whether Google Chrome for iOS is a good idea depends on you bias towards (or against) Apple.

Many will ask what the point of bringing Chrome to iOS is when Apple prohibit third-party browser’s being set as default

This restriction will result in links, attachments and other items clicked within an app – be it Mail, Twitter or Angry Birds – opening in Safari, regardless of whether the user prefers to use Chrome.

Similarly, Apple do not allow third-party run-times – including rendering and JavaScript engines, which are central to Chrome on other platform. Instead, Google Chrome for iOS uses the version of WebKit that ships in iOS to do the heavy work, and just wraps this in a Chrome UI.

But, on the flip side, there are plus points to the move.

iOS users can take full advantage of Chrome across all of their Mac platforms, including the lure of Chrome Sync for bookmarks and passwords.


  • vs8

    Damn I didn’t know Apple was so restrictive about default apps.

    • Brendan William

      Linux all the way

    • xshaneyx

      One reason why I’m replacing my iPad with the new Nexus 7

    • It’s their product. They can do whatever they want with it.

      • vs8

        Yeah tell that to Microsoft. Windows in Europe has a “Choose you Browser” window because IE was default in Windows. They should treat Apple equally.

        • conor rynne

          perhaps you are misunderstanding. The iDevices really are apple’s toys; windows PCs are made by Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. Also, iOS devices have never reached 90% marketshare and there is plenty of viable competitors

  • Chris

    I can’t figure out how to run a JavaScript bookmark for Instapaper short of pasting it in. When opening a saved bookmark chrome iOS clears the current page…

    • Do links contain the target=”_blank” attribute? Usually this triggers the page to be loaded in a different Window/Tab.

  • Nicholas Ganey

    I have been using Chrome for iOS for a day now, and I love it SOOOO much, its is better in EVERY way, I think that with this, we will see the option to set default browers

    • xshaneyx

      Wouldn’t be so sure. Apple aren’t going to release their stranglehold on anything any time soon. And especially not to google.

  • BeKidXD

    It is pretty good but I dont have the new nexus 7 yet hopefully I can get it

  • liveoutloud91

    Unless you count the Browser Changer tweak from Cydia ;)

  • Apple is so restrictive, seriously. One of the reasons why I hate Apple.

    …and they wonder why people try to hack/crack their OS all the time. They give them a reason to.

  • I was hoping for something a little more lightweight on iOS.

    • conor rynne

      what can they do? its not like they are allowed to modify the inner working of the browser