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Chrome Dev Channel Revamps ‘New Tab’ Page

If you’re on the Chrome Dev channel do me a favour – open up a new tab. See a difference?

Chances are you might. It seems that Google have rolled out a new-look ‘New Tab’ page to the Dev Channel.

New 'New Tab' Layout in Chrome Dev

New ‘New Tab’ Layout in Chrome Dev

The revamped look doesn’t deviate too much from what was there before (incremental change is better than dramatic change). A search box has been added, and the ‘Apps’ page now shows more than 8 apps at a time…

Chrome Dev 'Apps' Page

Chrome Dev ‘Apps’ Page

Work in Progress

The good news for those less than overjoyed by this revamp is that it’s clearly a work in progress (which, if you’re on the Dev Channel, is something you should be expecting anyway).

For example, the search bar on both Most Visited and Apps is literally a Google Search box. No slick drop-down instant suggestions; no searching your apps, bookmarks or history; just a straight up Google search box.

That will change.

Secondly, at present, there is no way to remove or rearrange sites on the Most Visited page.

That will change.

The ‘Recently Closed’ link takes you straight to the History pane in Settings. Which, while useful, is hardly the best way to show ‘recently closed’.

That will change.

Are you excited by the new look? What would you change if you were Google?

  • Dipish

    Ok how do I *disable* that useless google search box that takes space???

  • Herb Karg

    why would you need another search bar? The chrome address bar was designed to be a search bar.

    • logicslayer

      To add another layer of confusion for noob users :(

      • Dipish

        Though I have to agree that there are many `noob` users who still don’t understand that you can search directly from the address bar. They either go to (or whatever preferred search engine) or use something like this search box that’s not hanging there in new tab page.

        But hey, why not just give the user a tool tip that he can use the address bar on first run???

        *At least* there must be an option to hide that thing for people that would never use it anyway.

        • Roshan

          It s true ..because they are coming from IE and FF. I think there is another way. in Omnibar ..they should highlight “Search”

          • Dipish

            Good point! But then they might be confused – “How do I enter addresses then?”. Oh, those noob users :)

            P.S. Worth noting that recent versions of FF, Opera and even IE and Safari (it took a while for Safari as well!) all support searching directly from the address bar. At least they all fixed it :)

          • Austin Wang

            i’m so use to using chrome that I search from the adress bar when I’m using firefox

          • Firefox supports search from address bar for a looooooonnngggg time!!

          • Then why does it stil have a dedicated search box? When you search from the address bar, Firefox tries to look up what you typed, but when it can’t resolve it goes to a search instead. Chrome can tell if you are searching or not.

        • Wait, doesn’t the Chrome tutorial tell you that the address bar is also the search box?

  • Is it just me or the last stable version changed a couple of weeks ago, and when you open a new tab, you’re not automatically in the address bar? Really annoying to have to click on it to start a search or type an address.

    • jj

      Not an issue for me, but you could always hit f6 on Windows (focuses on address bar)

      • Funny.. this is happening to me on 3 different computers: 2 PCs and 1 Chromebook.
        Maybe something related to sync between them causing it? I use full sync.

    • Dipish

      Not an issue for me either (using Chrome on Linux/Windows).
      Alternatively, you can hit Ctrl+L :)

      • How do you get the entire URL in the address to get highlighted (select all) when you click the address bar in Linux? In Windows it does this but it doesn’t on Ubuntu.

    • When I open a new tab, Chrome automatically focuses on the address bar. Something must not be right on your end.

  • koolthoughts

    Which version of chrome dev has this feature? mine has not shown up yet…

  • Scotty Jamison

    the google search box is a duplicate of the omni bar. they are probably putting in another search bar for the new tab page to look nice, or for people who don’t understand that you can search in the omni bar.

    right now, if you click the new tab button, your cursor automatically goes to the omni bar. I hope this doesn’t change so your cursor goes automatically to the search box.

  • Inquizitor

    Oh dear god. Mine is 100x worse. The search bar takes up pretty much the whole page, with four stupid “most visited” sites below it. No apps. I have to click another button in the bookmarks bar in order to see my apps! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CRAP?!

    • EyalBerman

      me to and can’t see my app where clicki on apps button

    • David Loring

      it’s also missing the “tabs from other computers” section, wihch I use all the time. where did they put it?

      • Inquizitor

        It’s now in the settings menu, but you don’t even see the tabs. There’s just an option to reopen a closed one. Awful.

  • Where the hell did the bookmarks go? I love the current new tab page because it has the bookmarks toolbar right there, so I have easy access to all bookmarks without having to waste space having the bookmarks toolbar enabled.

  • StefanIvanovic

    I saw a great commercial from Google which shows and promotes Chrome (and -||- OS). They were bragging about merging of the 2 bars… I hate the second bar…

  • Bill Tallitsch

    apparently this is only available to some users because at home I have it but not at work.

  • I want a Bing search bar at the top, not a Google once since I don’t use Google search.

  • TonkaTuck

    Until I can completely disable this page, without extensions or workarounds, it’s just piling more crap onto the pile that I already can’t stand. I don’t want ANY of this crap to show when I open a new tab. I want a blank page, or a page of my choosing. I really don’t care what Google thinks I should be doing.

    • It’s already possible to do both of those things in Chrome without extensions or workarounds.

      Just to Settings > Appearance > New Tab Page > Change and the web-page of your choice.