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‘Google Now’ Cards Added to the Chrome OS Dev Channel


The latest update to the Chrome OS Dev channel has finally brought Google Now cards to Chrome OS devices.

Last week’s update to Chrome Canary enabled Google Now notifications for those using Canary builds, but the recent update to the Chrome OS Dev channel brings the feature to users not quite adventurous enough to use Chrome OS’ hidden Canary channel.

Just like in the Canary version, Google Now notifications get added to Chrome OS’ Notification Centre, making full use of rich notifications to provide actions like tracking dispatched packages or viewing the latest weather for your area.

Using Google Now on Chrome OS Dev

You’ll need to be on the Chrome OS Dev channel and have Google Now configured on Android or iOS with the same Google account you’re using for your Chromebook.

To enable the feature, head over to chrome://flags/#enable-google-now, change the setting from ‘Default’ to ‘Enabled’, and click ‘Relaunch Now’ at the bottom of the page.

Once relaunched, your Notification Centre will have a number of notifications from your Android or iOS device synced. Google says that Chrome will only show a subset of cards from your mobile devices for now. Google Now will also use your mobile devices for location data – though with the feature coming to your laptops and Chromebooks, this could very well change in the future.

Learn More About Google Now Cards in Chrome

  • blocoholi

    How long does it approximately take for this release to hit the stable channel?

    • Sam Tran

      Major versions usually take 6 weeks to land (though Chrome 32 stable took closer to 9 weeks), so it’ll be about 12 weeks for Chrome 34 to hit stable.

    • Kenny Strawn

      Google specifically announced an early-April release for Chrome 34 on the Stable Channel, and counting 12 weeks from the Stable release of Chrome 32 gives us a reading of April 8. Definitely consistent with Google’s announcement.

      That also happens to be exactly 6 days before I turn 21, besides…

  • Jake Russo

    I am so excited for this!

  • That’s fascinating. <3

  • Still waiting for it in Ubuntu!

  • jason

    I wish they’d make them semi-transparent so you can see the background of the desktop through them.

  • Matt Tanner

    I’ve enabled this on dev 34 for chrome os and it still isn’t showing up for me. Any hints

    • Make sure that you have Google Now configured on Android or iOS as it can’t (yet) work without it.

    • Mo

      Have you had any luck with this? I’m having the same problem. I think it might be that we can’t enable rich notifications. Is that maybe your issue also?

      • Matt Tanner

        Got mine to work by doing a powerwash and then reenabling the chrome flags.

  • Roland

    Backing up all my downloads to try this out as it looks like a cool addition.