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Chrome OS Doubles Marketshare In Just 5 Months

Samsung Chromebook and ChromeboxChrome OS has doubled its marketshare in the last five months, a report from ad network Chitika claims. 

The company say visits from Chrome OS accounted for 0.2% of all US and Canada traffic to websites within its network between September 2013 and January 2014. This was up from 0.07% reported over a year ago.

This share of North American traffic is almost as small as the number of websites the stat is drawn from; Chitika track just 300,000 websites. 

‘Chitika tracks just 300,000 websites’

300k websites is a sizeable sample base from which to draw data, but it pales in comparison to that used by other analytics companies.

Chromebooks remain big sellers on Amazon, while the adoption of Chrome OS by education and businesses continues to rise thanks to the positioning of the cloud-centric OS as safe, secure and more manageable alternative to Windows and Mac OS X.

With more device makers set to launch Chrome OS devices in the coming months one thing is known for certain: the Chrome OS marketshare is only going to rise.

  • David Alastair Hayden

    Small in market size but growing rapidly. That’s good. The only reason I care is that I want it to be big enough that Google and OEMs see it as a sustainable longterm product.

    • MrMiketheripper

      If you think about it though, as long Chrome browser remains big there’s no reason for the ChromeOS project to be abandoned really. Since that is most of what ChromeOS is besides the Linux base

      • David Alastair Hayden

        That’s a very good point. And the Chrome OS behind the browser does it seem like it would be the most complicated thing to update and maintain. It’s not like Windows with years of legacy compounded within.

    • shoryumike

      Great words. I just dunno why people do not understand Google potential. Windows and Mac OS X are done, old and the past. Chrome OS is the future, the future we deserve and the one in we all got to trust. I really think it’s the key to the New World. We got to wake up and deal with it, I guess.

      • Sebastiaan Franken

        ChromeOS isn’t ready for everything, yet. There are no C++/C editors and compilers (complete toolchains) for ChromeOS yet, nor are there GIT/SVN applications. I want to be able to develop ChromeOS (or the Linux kernel) on a ChromeOS device before I say it’s “the future”.

        • Fred Flinstone

          Reminds me of the nay-sayers that it iPad would never go anywhere because it did not have 3 USB ports and could not do Autocad

          • shoryumike

            Yep. I remember about that.

          • Sebastiaan Franken

            I own a chromebook and love it. I disagreed with the original comment saying that ChromeOS is the future (now), since you can’t do *everything* on a ChromeOS machine, yet.

          • Robert Trance

            He was actually quite right when he said tha ChromeOS is possibly the future….as future means it is not now! Just to understand what the word future means

        • Zactu

          Still a way to go yet. I hope Google increase the speed of improvement.

        • shoryumike

          It seems like we’ll get the whole of these features ASAP, hopefully.

        • Paruhang Chamling

          There are cloud based IDEs which you can use though.

          • Sebastiaan Franken

            I know, but you can’t develop AND test C/C++ code on them (like the Linux kernel) with them yet. I use Cloud9 for my web projects though, works fine.

        • SPM

          For development, you would just use remote access (SSH or Chrome Remote, SPICE, Ericom Access Now, or Gtk3 Broadway to do remote access to a server and run whatever you need to on there. It doesn’t make sense to run test apps on a lightweight client.

        • Jop
  • Cristian Otegui

    La verdad es que son muy optimistas. Es una porción muy pequeña del mercado. Creo que es momento de que las Chromebook salgan a la venta en todo el mundo.

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      Can someone translate for me? Google Translate butchered it, unless this is a comment about Chromebooks “firing out of the market at a fast speed” …

      • z Simmons

        “The truth is that they are being very optimistic. It’s a very small share of the market. I think its time that Chromebooks should be for sale all over the world.”

        • Zactu

          Yes, they are not for sale in most places, and certain models are only available in certain markets – very patchy.

  • Jan Keuper

    I don’t want to sound like a douchebag and I’m a fan of Chromebooks, but …

    Relevant xkcd

  • Zactu

    I bought my HP Chromebook in Feb so not included in this one. Good news its growing because Google still has lots of work to do – this will give more incentive and also more input from users and developers of what needs to be done. Enjoying the Chromebook so far.

  • Boothy

    Not saying ChromeOS has a massive market share atm, BUT I’m always dubious of stats from Chitika.
    These are the same people who state that iOS accounts for 80% of mobile traffic, compared to Android,despite the 80% Android market share.

    It’s based of ad impressions of their network. Which is mostly on Yahoo
    Which is probably used a right lot on a Chromebook.

    • Jan Olsen

      iOS being higher on browsing share than its sales share can maybe be explained by iphones often being bundled with Internet packages. Android can be bought cheap without, making android users maybe less heavy on the Internet with their phones. Hosted a finance webpage, and majority of mobile traffic was from iOS (not 80%).

  • dourscot

    This story mis-describes the Chitika numbers.

    They are not a measurement of market share but page impressions on websites. This tells us that Chromebook devices are becoming more common (we knew that) but understates their actual sales popularity.

    • James Bell

      I’m sure the number of Chromebook users NOT online is insanely small.

      • Kenny Strawn

        The Chitika numbers only use certain reference sites, NOT the entire Internet… Which, of course, is exactly why they are inaccurate: not everyone visits those reference sites often enough.

  • John Scott

    If Chromebooks are doing so well. How come browser stats don’t show a bigger bump in Chrome browser?
    I mean a Chromebook is basically a web access device, and since it can only run Chrome browser. I would expect a bigger jump in Chrome browser use? As netbooks once provided a 20% market share of PC’s. I suspect Chromebooks sell because of price, but how many become disenchanted with the Chromebook after a while? I have seen some figures claiming more Chromebook users then Mac users. Which I find very suspect indeed.

    • master94

      Probably because people buying chrome books already used chrome and are replacing their machines not running both side by side

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