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Chrome OS Steps Closer to Enabling Video Player Chromecast Support

It will soon be possible to send videos from your Chromebook straight to your Chromecast — no special apps or additional extras needed. 

Support for casting content from the native video player on Chrome OS has been under development for a little while, with a flag to “enable” the experimental feature ahead of its actual implementation introduced to the developer channel earlier this month.

Now, in the latest platform update for bleeding edge users, Chrome has built on that foundation by adding a new ‘cast discovery’ menu and in-player buttons to the video app. 


But while the latest update inches us closer, it’s still a little out of reach of testing. As of writing, casting of videos through the player does not work, regardless of file type.

Furthermore, in order for the “Cast” button to appear the beta version of the Google Cast extension must be installed in the browser. The cast icon does not show if using the stable version.


Despite the (rather dramatic) gap in functionality for now, we can at least get to see how the whole puzzle fits together. From what is working, I’m pleased to say that casting content will be just as easy in this app as it is in virtually every other:

  • Open a video in the app
  • Hit the ‘Cast’ button
  • Select the correct Chromecast
  • Go

Want to see how it stands right now? If you’re on the latest Chrome OS Dev release, just set the ‘enable-video-player-chromecast-support’ flag to ‘enabled’ and install the Google Cast Beta add-on from the Web Store. 

  • Stéphane BODOVSKY

    Great ! I’ve seen the same web player chromecast support on the latest update of Chrome Beta on Android !

    • captain irrelevant

      If you’re talking about the JWPlayer on chome for Android, that’s been out for awhile now, and you don’t have to be on Chrome Beta to do this.

  • “OMG! Chromecast!” has made my day. And as I’m typing this, I’m casting my Nexus 7 to the Chromecast.

  • Justin Jones

    This is useless unless google adds more video format support to the chromeos video player.

    • Danny McVey

      Useless for you. Sheesh.

  • Yvan Philogène

    Surprinsingly, when I surf on some websites which offer some video streaming, I sometime have the possibility to cast. I’m on stable channel of Chrome, both on Android and Windows , without any extension installed. How is it possible?

    • Matt Lane

      What this article is talking about is local files from the Chromebook player. Chrome browser does this through the site itself enabling it.

  • LiamTHX

    Cool! But I think they should take care of Video Player Chromebook support before Chromecast support, since Chromebooks are kind of useless when it comes to file formats.

  • Mattia Giorgini

    I enabled the flag and installed the cast beta extension but a don’t see any cast button on the player!
    I’m on beta channel