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Chrome Overtakes Internet Explorer, Now Worlds Most Used Browser

Google Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer as the worlds most used web browser.

Whilst the browser has only just edged passed the dominant blue ‘e’ last week based on stats from web firm StatCounter, it is the first time that Chrome has achieved the feat.

Chrome most popular browser - for now

During week 20 of 2012 – 14th – 20th of May – Chrome secured itself 32.76% of marketshare, ahead of Internet Explorer’s 31.94%.

Firefox, once seen as Microsoft’s browser rival, continues its slide down the chart, losing 4% of its users over the same time last year.

Chrome On

It remains to be seen if Chrome can maintain its lead for the rest of May in light of Microsoft’s marketing blitz for Internet Explorer 9. So far this looks possible: Chrome is less than 0.24% behind IE for the month of May.

Regardless of how May plays out in whole one thing is now certain: Chrome will be the worlds most used browser, the question is simply whether it gets there this month or next.


  • Hasan YILDIZ

    Helal sana koçum benim. IE’nin tahtını salladın. Ama benim gönlüm hala Firefox’da :)

    • Firefox çok ağır kalıyor. Chrome pazarın tartışılmaz lideri olacak başka çare yok

  • Gezim Musliaj

    Congrats,Chrome is fast & efficient!

  • Shaun Killingbeck

    Strangely though it seems in the UK and USA IE is still on top by quite a margin…. really don’t know why. I can only assume people are (not so blissfully) unaware of the alternatives! Even on a new laptop I found IE virtually unusably slow, cluttered and ‘microsofty’ (always asking questions and telling me things I don’t need to know in pointless pop-ups)

    • ninja

      i believe americans are the most dumbest PC users in the world

      • cakezula

        I believe ninja loves posting baseless comments. Also, I’ll assume English is your second language, so here’s a pointer: “most dumbest” is a pretty dumb thing to say.

    • AngusPearson

      It really bugs me as someone in the UK that everywhere I go I see IE. In fact, they are advertising the stupid thing right now on TV. Although most personal computers have Chrome, a lot of companies and institutions seem to not want to budge off IE.

      • Shaun Killingbeck

        Precisely, and also some websites still demand it – for example, taking reasoning tests online for job applications they often restrict you to IE on a windows computer. As a perfect illustration of Microsoft MENTALity, I was half way through a test this week (which cannot be retaken) when Windows automatically restarted for updates without my permission. Of course, I failed the test because of that.

  • AngusPearson

    IE is still huge because it is on legacy systems like Server 03 and XP. At companies many people don’t care about the browser. It’s a shame that Firefox is declining, as iit is a nice fast browser and a good alternate to Chrome, but Chrome’s Google integration is it’s killer feature.

    • most google apps i used worked better in firefox.
      besides, a lot other apps i use to see courses online and other stuff not even work how they should in chrome, but they do in firefox.

      • AngusPearson

        I kind of know what you mean. Mozilla and Webkit are very similar, but moz may have a better JavaScript engine, or something like that. By Google integration I also meant Bookmark syncing and multi machine tab syncing, but I think I am right in believing Firefox now has a similar system. Visually I think Firefox is very nice (although not in Ubuntu/GTK). Whatever their differences, Trident’s (IE’s) blatant disregard for standards is why IE deserves to loose it’s user base 10 times faster, and also why the punishment for using IE is no rounded corners, shadows or transitions. Nowadays if a site tells me that I need IE to use it (silverlight, etc) they can quite frankly f**k off.

  • That might have been Firefox if it didn’t have a 90% CPU usage on a six-core 3.3GHz CPU…

    • alscrob

      Firefox is using about 15% of my 3.3GHz quad core CPU, it has been running for 5 days, there are 22 tabs open; and over 40 at times over the last few days. You are doing something horribly wrong.

      • Software is made for the hardware and the user, not the other way around. Bugs should get fixed by the developers, in stead of just saying “the user’s doing something wrong”. Good software is monkey proof, meaning that nothing *can* go wrong.

        • FOSS advocate

          When you PAY for it.
          Contribute or STFU.

    • AngusPearson

      Ditto that. On my low end windows laptop from a coule of years ago Firefox always hangs fo a couple of seconds on opening.

  • Kadir Selcuk

    Sorry guys, take a look at the stats again. Statcounter adjusted it and now it does not show Chrome’s prerender which skews the stats on Chrome’s favor. Also note that they do not apply any geoweighting to their stats. According to them my country Turkey is 2nd (normally 15th) China is 22nd (normally 1st), Japan is 30rd (normally 3rd) on internet users. Sorry guys Chrome is the best browser, but not the most used for the next few years at least. By the way do not bash me, actually this message is being written from Chrome.

  • Mashew Cashew


  • Brendan William

    YES!! Go Chrome. The “e” thing, as most people I know call it is going down in usage!

  • Wat. People actually used that trash?? I can’t believe.

    • gigarath5

      Why are you even on a website called omgchrome if you think that it is trash?

  • Angutivik Casper Rúnur Tausen

    Will that say I don’t have to think of IE while I’m coding a website in the future? AWEOSME! Thanks Google!