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Chrome Quietly Drops Support for ‘Obsolete Ubuntu Versions’


Google Chrome in Ubuntu

Google has dropped Google Chrome support for versions of Ubuntu no longer supported by Canonical, the company behind the OS. 

Users of Ubuntu 10.10 through 11.10 are still able to download Chrome from the Google website, however the package will fail to install. This is because newer versions of Chrome has higher dependency requirements than deprecated versions of Ubuntu are able to match.

It’s not all bad news for hold-outs. Anyone with Google Chrome already installed on an unsupported version can continue to use it, however a warning dialog explaining that ‘Only Ubuntu 12.04 (precise) through 13.04 (raring) are currently supported’ will be shown, and newer versions of the browser will fail to install through the system update tool.

The change follows the removal of Ubuntu 10.04 support earlier in the year.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, released in April 2012, will likely remain supported by Google until at least the release of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

Ubuntu 13.10, which launched earlier this month, is the most recent release and is supported by Canonical the company behind Ubuntu, for the next 9 month. Support for Google Chrome on 13.10 will likely extend beyond this period.

  • Samuel Gabbay

    Who Is Still On 10.10??

    • David G

      Not sure, but I do know that there are (were?) some out there that hated Unity so much when it came out in 11.04 that they stayed with 10.10 or dropped back to 10.04 to get that extra bit of time. Though I would imagine by now that they would’ve moved on to a newer OS like the current Mint perhaps.

      • Сергей Марков

        Why buggy Mint? Gnome classic still runs well.

        • David G

          I suggested Mint because that is what I read 9 times out of 10 when it came to those complaining about Unity when it came out in 11.04 in the version we’re more used to (not the netbook remix from previous versions) It was always “Unity sucks, I’m moving to Mint!” Personally I still prefer Ubuntu and Unity, but I also like Gnome 3/Shell as well and sometimes switch between the two

    • Jocke

      I second you on that. There is no reason to stay on such old versions. And like others stated if you don’t like Unity (i actually happen to enjoy it quite well). Ubuntu (and all most other linux-distros) is always in a developing process, so chrome dropping support is purely logical…

      • tremdavid

        Unity works for, it also works for people around me

      • jan

        Newer versions of Ubuntu sometimes introduce regressions. For example new versions of Ubuntu (even Lubuntu) does not install on laptops with VIA Chrome9 graphics, and older versions of Ubuntu do install.

        • David G

          I can understand your point. However laptops that are burdened by such a crap graphics chip like the VIA Chrome9 more than likely weren’t meant to live past 2008-2010. It’s a very obscure tech and it’s being dropped because of how few exist these days. Not so much a regression, more of a purge of nolonger needed code.

      • Jop

        There are also derivatives for people who dislike Unity:

    • Zakidine

      I am, Still using the 10.04

      • Samuel Gabbay

        May As Well Upgrade

      • David G

        I’m curious as to how come? Not judging you, as I loved the heck out of 10.04.

        • Zakidine

          i didn’t like the new versions, especially not unity, without removing it i had a 11.10 and a 12.04 installs with the gnome–shell, but didn’t like them.

          • David G

            for 12.04 I installed gnome-panel rather than the full gnome package and at the login I run it in gnome classic (no effects) so that it doesn’t have gnome-panel and unity overlap when using the regular gnome classic mode. I’ve also set up Xubuntu with the themes and icons to make it look and feel like the older 10.04 with gnome 2, so XFCE might be something to look at using/adding

          • Zakidine

            Hum, i’d love to see a screenshot

          • David G

            let me know :)

  • Yet Windows XP is still supported and even got support extended past Microsoft’s XP end-of-support date.

  • Zakidine


    • David G

      The base for Google’s browser is also doing the same, as far as I know. Just standard movements forward

  • Fabio Colella

    Ubuntu 12.04 has been released in 2012 ;)

  • Acid_1

    Although, somebody witty could repackage the .debs from Google and change their package requirement. That is, if Google is only trying to encourage you to move to a new version of Ubuntu. New features could be broken otherwise.

    Plus, there’s Chromium, which that won’t happen to anyways.

  • Guest

    “Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, released in April 2012, will remain supported by Google until 2015.”

    Did google actually say 2015? Ubuntu 10.04 LTS was only supported 3 years on the desktop but Ubuntu 12.04 LTS will be supported for 5 until 2017. It looks more like Google is just dropping support for releases that are no longer supported by Ubuntu itself.

  • Chris Daniels

    I imagine 12.04 will be supported until its’ end of life in 2017, since it is on a 5 year cycle of support from Canonical.

  • Xerret Citam

    there’s also effect to those who have device like NComputing Ubuntu 10.04 OS required?