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Chromebooks Top 3 Selling Laptops at Christmas, Say Amazon


Jeff Bezos is a snowy white beard and an arctic fulfilment depot away from being crowned a living Santa Claus, with his Amazon retail empire once again placing itself at the centre of holiday shopping in the US.

In a press release pushed out on December 26, to highlight its successes during the festive period, Amazon says it saw a big increase in the number of Prime trials being taken, a big bump in the number of people shopping from its mobile apps and, to sweeten the acerbic reception that greeted its ill-fated Fire Phone, big sales for its own-brand TV streaming devices.

Chromebooks Out On Top (Again)

ASUS C300 Colors

But hidden down amongst the bullet points and back patting is good news for Google: Chromebooks made up the top three best selling computers on Amazon over the holiday season.

The top seller was the 11.6-inch Acer C720, followed by the (cheaply priced) 13.3-inch ASUS C300 Chromebook (which dipped well below $199 in the run-up and is available in an assortment of colors).

The second-generation HP Chromebook 11, based around a Samsung Exynos CPU with 2GB RAM, placed third.

  • Acer C720 Chromebook (16GB, 2GB)
  • ASUS Chromebook C300 (16GB, 2GB)
  • HP Chromebook 11 (Gen 2, Snow White)

The 11.6-inch HP Stream, Microsoft’s much hyped venture into low-cost so-called “Chromebook killer” territory, appears to have failed to make big enough waves. Who’d have thunk it.

The sales figures below cover purchases made between November 1 and December 19, 2014.

Last year Chromebooks made up two of the top three positioning, with the Samsung Chromebook placing 1st, and the Acer C7 device placing 3rd.

Chromecast Places 2nd


Amazon: A by-word for BUY!

There was silver-edged news elsewhere for Google.  Buoyed by plenty of offers, incentives and discounts ahead of the main Christmas shopping period it’s perhaps not surprising to learn that the Chromecast remained a big xmas seller, albeit placing second to Amazon’s $39 ‘Fire TV Stick’.

The latter, launched in October, is now the fastest-selling Amazon device ever.

Looking Ahead

With CES 2015 now nearby, expected to play host to a swathe of new Chromebooks, including a 15.6-inch Acer model, a Rockchip-based device from Lenovo priced at $170, and new ASUS models powered by Intel Broadwell CPUs, chances are that the successes gained this month are only going to continue into 2015.

  • Amazing and really good news for Chromebook lovers like me. I personally use the C720 as my day to day workhorse and I am more than happy with this machine.

  • Mi Pen

    Well I got me a second hand acer C710 with 320gb HDD and treated myself to a light blue iPearl cover. Glad crippled windows low spec machine tanking…guess people in the market for them, remember Windows on Netbooks and have said no thanks and got Chromebooks instead. I sure did.

    • 3r0s

      Indeed. I put Ubuntu 14.04 on a second hand hp elitebook and it now really works compared to windows (s)vista originally installed.

    • Deftdrummer

      Is this a thought?

  • JPB

    Surprised Toshiba’s Chromebook 2 didn’t place in the top three.

    • FlacVest

      Yea; I think Best Buy had the top tier for 280 over the holidays and that took the brunt of purchases. Also, people probably just searched for the cheapest, general “best” chromebook out there, which is the C720 at 200 bucks, IMO.

    • It probably didn’t help that it was constantly out of stock from Amazon directly. In the week leading up to xmas it was largely only available from third-party marketplace sellers at hugely inflated prices.

  • Cristian Otegui

    Good news

  • Good news for linux …..once chrome is king , then all arguments of windows vs nix will be better lol

  • Carl Draper

    How about on Amazon UK?

    • Peddler

      The same – you can check this for yourself by visiting the Amazon Chromebook pages.

  • For those interested in further details, here is the actual press release

  • maevian

    The Asus C300 is awsome, had a good deal on a used 4GB ram 32GB ssd model

  • JohnCalla

    Where do we think Chrome OS falls in terms of traditional “Linux distro marketshare”? Seems like it should be somewhere high on the charts by now?

  • Peddler

    Chromebooks would sell even more units if some models/colours/configurations didn’t have constant availability problems, the Toshiba Chromebook 2 being a prime example.

  • neverumind

    Glad to see the older, more powerful C720 is the #1 laptop.
    Maybe now they’ll stop making the new models less powerful.
    More likely: Wintel will try to get Acer to stop making the C720.
    Because they know Bingbooks can’t win in a fair fight.

    • The reason C720 is on the top is that because the Haswell based processor is still better than the ARM, K1 Tegra and Bay Trail processors. It is virtually lag free on my C720. I am well impressed.

      • vrm

        that is what minimum wage intel employees want everyone to believe with their astro-turfing.

        • Was your first sentence meant for me as a humor?

          Yes, as a Chromebook lover, performance, speed and lag free experience is very important for me. And Haswell based Intel 2995u has given me the best experience so far. Battery life is 8 hours and it is not very noisy either.

    • Also helps that’s it’s great for putting Linux on too :)

  • vrm

    There is an alarming trend toward more chromebooks using intel. I was hoping linux on ARM would take off and see more tegra/samsung/qualcomm chips- even AMD if you want to insist on x86.

    To me, intel is a greater problem than m$ – m$ has become irrelevant outside their sphere of influence but intel can buy their way into other markets as well, with their ill gotten loot and strong arm tactics.