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Chromebooks Launching in 6 New Countries

Global Domination Has Begun!

Further to yesterday’s announcement, Google has confirmed that Chromebooks will be launching in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands and Ireland.

Yesterday, we reported that Chromebooks will be launching in Australia. Today, Google has confirmed more markets.

The Samsung Chromebook, Acer C7 and HP Pavilion 14 will be launching in the following countries starting this week:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Ireland

All countries will be eligible for the 100GB Google Drive storage for 2 years.

This announcement comes almost 2 years after the launch of the Chromebook in US and UK. Strong sales in these markets has clearly been a good indication to expand the Chrome platform to other territories.

Furthermore, in the US, Best Buy will be extending its offering of Chromebooks to more than 1000 stores nationwide.


  • Sebastiaan Franken

    YES! My patience is going to be rewarded it seems, finally I can get my hands on a chrombook. Shame I already have so many devices….

    • That hasn’t stopped me…. *nudges mountain of netbooks out of the way to get to coffee*

      • Sebastiaan Franken

        The difference being that I’m poor lol

  • I seriously need to get my hands on a the newer Samsung Chromebook! But I think the wait until Google I/O is holding me back (that and that I’m a poor student). Who knows what Google will do or what else shall be released by manufacturers…

  • Aidan_Sheridan

    Yay! Canada finally gets some love :D

  • Chromebooks would be a great sale in Costa Rica.