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Chromebox Keyboards Quietly Go On Sale

Chromebox owners waiting patiently for an official Chrome-orientated keyboard can relax: they’ve gone on sale.

Albeit very, very quietly.

Designed by Samsung for use with their Chromebox desktop computer, the wired keyboard offers many ChromeOS-specific keys – such as a dedicated ‘search’ key – as well as removing those that the OS doesn’t use – such as ‘Super/Windows key’.

Samsung's Chrome keyboard

The keyboard is not an “official” Google product, but their arrival does disprove earlier speculation that Chromebox peripherals were ‘vapourware’.

One catch at present: you need to live in the US to buy one. And there are, at the time of writing, no plans to offer non-US keyboard layouts.

Chromebox Keyboard

Hit up the links below to purchase on the keyboards, which range in price from $27.54 ( to $29.99 (,   Samsung Shop

Do you have a Chromebox? Will you buying on of these keyboards?

  • Ordered

  • If it wasn’t wired…

    • Given how “unobtrusive” the Chromebox is it is surprising that Samsung opted for wired. Chances are I suspect they are cheaper to produce, therefore the margins made on the sale of them (given the niché) is greater.

      I’m told that Samsung have no plans for a wireless version.

  • Then again Apple get away with non-UK layouts on their UK computers. It was confusing for me to find the @ on the top of the 2 key.

    Annoyingly though this keyboard doesn’t have a super key.

    • cantbebotheredloggingin

      Because its for ChromeOS. It does use the Super Key.

      • Where is the super key on this keyboard? I can’t see it next to the alt and space bar keys.

        • The ‘Super Key’ is the ‘search’ key (middle left button)

          • You mean where Caps Lock is? Why put it there? That’s not cool.

          • My Chromebook (550) has it in the same spot, so it isn’t a “new” layout for ChromeOS. To activate Caps Lock you simply hold shift and toggle the super key. I actually like it because I have to knowingly activate Caps Lock and can’t accidentally press it.

            Just for reference, if you plug a “normal” keyboard with a dedicated Caps Lock key on it into a Chrome OS device, it will recognize it fine. The “Windows” key becomes the super key from my experience.

          • I guess it would be something to get used to if I decide to use official Chrome OS hardware. Though I would probably initially rely on Hexxeh’s Chromium OS builds.

  • Christopher L. Perkins

    I ordered one from Amazon but it will take over a month before it even ships (third party seller) I think Amazon should stock some.

  • Can i use it with Ubuntu maybe? :P

    • Mikko Kumara

      Sounds like a perfect match knowing that it lacks the super/”windows logo” key, because no-one is going to use Unity anyway. :-)

      • lol, that’s what i’m using at the moment. I tried Gnome Shell but i didn’t like it.

  • Sorin Nemes Ioan

    “earlier speculation that Chromebox peripherals were ‘vapourware’.”

    there’s no vapor-ware anymore ;)

    I live in Chine for 3 years now, in Shenzhen. Many of you wil not believe what chinese guys can do right now – I buy and I test everyday chinese products for my clients – a keyboard like this one + the Super / Winloss button mean about 10 USD (70 RMB) and not because is poorly made but because their new high-tech machines allow that price… This year I’ve checked many factories – they really work hard and they start to introduce the corporate culture, no second generation tools ( and on the street no second generation cars btw )

    Right now I use a perfect keyboard + some multimedia buttons – the whole package was about 12 USD – not to mention that is a wireless combo keyboard + mouse …black plastic with fine stripes on the hand support side finished with a sandblasted aluminum band on the front side as background for multimedia buttons.

    the USB receiver is the smallest I ever seen. As a “vapor-ware” should be broken for some time – but guess – everything work as expected.

    … Chromebox keyboard ?? – stupid to be to spend 20$+ on a keyboard without a leg, beside that I think the cost for one piece is below 5 USD probably.

    to Mikko Kumara : you right about Unity ..more and more linux users start using Mate and Cinnamon desktops – which is a good sign and a good reaction against peoples who fixed something which was not broken (I mean Ayatana team who made Unity and Bill Gates microcompany who recently invented squares with links on screen [ Metro ] ) ..

  • Jai Luthra

    Am I right about no CapsLock?
    I would really want a keyboard without one! :P

  • Peter Ward

    I wouldn’t want wired. Currently using a generic Logitech wireless keyboard & mouse with my Samsung Chromebox without any issues (so far).