Chromebox owners waiting patiently for an official Chrome-orientated keyboard can relax: they’ve gone on sale.

Albeit very, very quietly.

Designed by Samsung for use with their Chromebox desktop computer, the wired keyboard offers many ChromeOS-specific keys – such as a dedicated ‘search’ key – as well as removing those that the OS doesn’t use – such as ‘Super/Windows key’.

Samsung's Chrome keyboard

The keyboard is not an “official” Google product, but their arrival does disprove earlier speculation that Chromebox peripherals were ‘vapourware’.

One catch at present: you need to live in the US to buy one. And there are, at the time of writing, no plans to offer non-US keyboard layouts.

Chromebox Keyboard

Hit up the links below to purchase on the keyboards, which range in price from $27.54 ( to $29.99 (,   Samsung Shop

Do you have a Chromebox? Will you buying on of these keyboards?

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