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A Useful Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Our Chromebook keyboard shortcut cheat sheet showcasing nine nifty key combos for Chromebooks that might save you time or help to speed up your workflow.

11 November 2019

Typing Emoji on a Chromebook Just Got Easier

An easy way to access and enter emoji is available in Chrome OS, courtesy of the (dully named) 'input device menu'.

4 October 2016
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Dell Launches $20 Chrome Keyboard in the US

Dell has started selling a wired, full-sized USB Chrome keyboard on its US store, and intends to make it available for purchase elsewhere in the coming weeks.

12 December 2014

Everything You Need to Know about Chromebox Keyboards

Whether you're thinking of buying a Chromebox or happen to already have one, could your choice of keyboard make a difference to the way you use it?

22 September 2014

Chrome Hijacking Your Media Keys? Here’s The Simple Fix

If you're having issues with keyboard media keys not working when Google Chrome is running there's an easy (but not-obvious) way to disable it. Learn how.

4 July 2014

Chrome Clipboard Sync App Shares Text, Images Across Desktops

Fancy syncing your clipboard data between Chrome sessions and across devices? A new app from Googler François Beaufort promises to let you do just that.

9 April 2014

Chrome Apps Can Now Respond to Keyboard Shortcuts When Browser Not in Focus

When the shiny new mini-media player app for Google Music launched one feature was notably absent: media key support. In order to skip a track, pause playback or stop music entirely one had to hunt […]

3 April 2014

Google Release UK Extended Keyboard Extension for Chromebooks

Google has released an official extension that enables ‘UK extended keyboard’ layout on Chromebooks. Yeah, I know: hardly ‘hold the front page’ news. But for multilingual British Chromebook users it is currently a bit of […]

2 March 2014
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10 Essential Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Here's 10 Chromebook keyboard shortcuts that can speed up your workflow and make you more productive when using your Chromebook. Ready to learn?

19 June 2013