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Dropbox, SkyDrive Access Mooted for Chrome OS File Manager


Chrome OS users could soon get the ability to access, edit and sync files to cloud storage services other than Google Drive.

A new ticket on the Chromium Bug Tracker proposes the idea of letting 3rd-party services, like Dropbox and SkyDrive, integrate into the Chrome OS file manager, ‘Files’.

These services would appear as entries in the sidebar of Files, and list their contents when selected.

By default only Google Drive is supported natively.

Good Idea

The idea makes sense for an OS so strongly tied to the cloud. Many web-apps available form the Chrome Web Store even integrate into services like Dropbox for file fetching, saving and editing.

But whether or not this idea – as great as it sounds on paper – happens is yet to be decided. The feature request is just that: a request.

For the optimistic amongst you, find solace that the feature was requested by a Chromium team member and not a random member of the public.

We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on this…

Thanks to Craig Tumblison
  • To show Google you want it, you could star the issue (then they’ll see a lot of stars, and hopefully be “Yeah, that’s awesome”)

    • Starring drags you into the conversation though, which can be frustrating if it happens to be one of those bugs where nobody from Google ever replies (granted, this doesn’t seem to be one of them)

  • Łukasz Wojciechowski

    Does Google Drive sync to local storage right now? I mean on Chromebooks.

    • CAC1031

      Yes, you can check a box for “offline access” for individual files currently, and soon the checkbox will be expanding to whole folders.

  • pizzapanther

    I believe they have already announced that the “Sync FileSystem API” will support other backends other than Google Drive. So it makes sense this will be extended to the file manager.

  • David Loring

    This would sell me a Chromebook, no joke. I love what I’ve seen of the OS so far but I am leery of never being able to leave Google’s services if I need to.

  • Yes, a “chrome.fileBrowserVolumeEntry” API sounds like a VERY good idea. Talk about a Windows (and Mac) killer…

  • I wouldn’t mind letting them add SkyDrive support. It seems that many things do not support SkyDrive anyways, so folks always use the web version (which is just fine).

  • That would be a big middle finger towards microsoft
    “Haha we use your 7 gb of free space but don’t pay for your crappy operating system.”

  • It would be in their interest to do so. Many people use other online storage systems, so the more seamless and easy it is to integrate their existing services into an internet device the better.

    Sure, it may be a competitor’s product they are integrating, but by the time they get people using a Chromebook they’ve got people hooked into the Chrome ecosystem. With all the Google products integrating with Google Drive and the free GDrive promotions of 100 GB to 1 TB for a few years, it’s likely they’ll start using Drive more anyways. Win for everyone, imo.

  • Is there a way to burn CD/DVDs in chrome os? If so, I’d jump off ubuntu now :)