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Google Chromecast Now Available to Buy Internationally

Well that didn’t last long. Amazon are no longer processing orders from outside the US. Existing orders are being honoured.

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a Google’s ‘Chromecast‘ streaming device then you’re in luck: it’s now available to buy outside of the US.

Well, sort of.

The device, which allows wireless streaming of internet content from the likes of Netflix to a HD TV, has been on sale in the US for the last few months. But as of today Amazon are accepting orders for Chromecasts in Australia, the UK, and a handful of other European countries.

Android Central, who first reported on the change, say that the $35 price holds no matter the (eligible) country it’s ordered from – though shipping is not free. Any potential saving made thanks to exchange rates could be wiped out trying to get it to you, something to bear in mind before punching the Buy button.

But, for now at least, this is the best way to get a Chromecast without paying extortionate eBay prices or 3rd party merchant mark-ups.

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  • Boothy

    Just tried it. Unable to ship to the UK.
    Article is rubbish

    • Nicholas Robinson

      It’s not rubbish, I bought one yesterday in Australia.

    • The UK has a dedicated Amazon site, hence you will be unable to order off another. Just change .com to like so:

      • Boothy

        Of yeah, because I want to pay £60 for a $35 item. Can get them cheaper on Ebay. The point was that Amazon.COM was offering international shipping, which it isn’t and might have been for about 5 minutes or so.
        You know you can use the same login (and order from, as long as intenational shipping is offered) on Amazon.COM as well as the sites??

        • ywtamisier

          Welcome to Brazil, here it cost R$199,00 ($87,00)

  • alvaro guzman

    WHY they give a take??? T.T

    My hope is broken

  • Stephen Scott

    Not shipping to Australia-confirmed.

  • Sebastian Schenck

    not working in germany

  • MaitreyaVyas

    Arghh! It would be better for me to wait for it’s official release in Google Play Store India … rather its costly and overpriced because of shipping…

  • Yami

    Not working in Spain. Why google don’t sell it internationally? What’s the problem with Google?
    You are losing ¬¬