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Google Now Style Voice Search Added to Chrome Dev

Voice searching has been enabled on the New Tab page of Google Chrome Dev.

The feature, which has been available directly from Google’s homepage for a while, albeit with a slightly different look (scroll on down), is likely a prelude to the arrival of Google Now on Chrome.


Extended Instant New Tab Page in Google Chrome Dev

Perhaps more interestingly it that the “searching” interface has been revamped to match that seen in Google Now:


Voice Search on Google Chrome

Google Now Voice Search

Voice Search on Google Now

For comparison, here’s how the voice search interface used to look on Google. You’ll notice that as well as ditching the mini-box, the microphone icon now matches that used on Android.

Google Voice Search

Google Voice Search

  • This needs to be built into the Omnibar or I can’t see it get much usage.

    • Jon A.

      That would definitely be cool

      • I mean, I rarely go to the new tab page because I simply middle click on a bookmark or a link, but I have Canary installed on my Mac just so I can use these features ahead of time and I have to say it works just as well as it does on my Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus before it. The only gripe I have is the animation to indicate that it is picking up your voice is a bit slow off the mark, but maybe that’s just me being impatient and just blurting out my useless questions to it in a style it is unused to. Also, I tried singing to it to see if you could do song recognition type stuff. You can’t. My Dean Martin impression was met with some dramatic results (many involving Chinese people in awkward poses for instance). Good stuff really though, it was fast and concise, the simplified look of the Google results page was nice too, I haven’t used Canary all that much recently because it seemed to mess up my bookmarks and password sync, but I’ll try and use this as much as possible for feedback purposes.

  • Pedro Rosado

    Well, know I can watch porn and use my hands in something that really matters, instead of using them on the keyboard.

  • Will this *ever* come to linux?