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Official: Google Now Coming To Chrome

Now that is good for Chrome!

Rumours have been circling since December that Google Now is coming to Chrome. Today’s Chromium update has pushed Google Now to Chrome.

Google’s intelligent personal assistant, Google Now, was released as part of Android 4.1 back in June 2012. It is designed to deliver information to the user that it predicts they will want, based on their search habits and information from other Google services such as Gmail and Calender. The service is exclusive to Android.

However, since December there has been rumours and leaks spotted in the Chromium code. An updated for Chromium has been pushed out today adding a new flag for Google Now. Which will provide Google Now notifications to users using Chrome, it will also open the service up to more users who may not have an Android device.

Currently, Google Now is disabled on Chrome, but the flag is available to be enabled and will work once the Google Now servers have been turned on for Chrome. It is likely Google Now will launch as part of the new Notification Centre coming to Chrome, which is designed to show off card-like notifications for the browser.


  • Patrick Guido Arminio

    Only available on windows or chrome os :(

    • Ed Hewitt

      it will make its way to Mac & Linux.

      • edjca

        Just like Google Drive is making its way to Linux?

  • Israel Lai

    which means it isn’t available yet?

    • Ed Hewitt

      You can enable it, but it doesn’t work yet. Google Now for Chrome doesn’t talk to the Google Now servers yet. The feature is still being developed.

      • Israel Lai

        doesn’t work = not quite available (lol)

  • jose Mendoza

    what version of chrome are we looking for that has these flags? is it showing on a compiled version of chromium as well? I would love to use this on lubuntu.

    • Ed Hewitt

      I suspect the daily build of Chromium, version 27.

      • jose Mendoza

        oh boy we are a ways off… still on 24.0.1312.56. I’m get on the daily repo ASAP

  • ken147

    The big this is is it doesn’t work, you need a connection to the Google Now servers

  • Chris Weber

    OMG Chrome, where’s the Google+ Sign Up integration?

  • Javier Bastardo

    Awesome, my phone is outside of the Google Now experience, is going to be awesome to test it out on my PC and, hopefully soon, my Chromebook :-D

  • YES YES YES!!!!!!

  • Any news on the release date?

  • Lou G

    yeah, now if only google would fix the ARM-based chromebook so the wifi wouldn’t drop when I’m in a hangout and that I could use the hangout toolbox. grrr.

    but otherwise, this is good.

  • Mark LaViolette

    How do I get this on Chrome?

  • GSpeedcomputer

    cool!this is really good news. .when it be release

  • Chris Willis

    NO LINUX SUPPORT :( much sadness has just occured.