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Easily Install Chromium for Windows with Chrlauncher

A new tool makes it easy for Windows users to run an up-to-date version of Chromium, the open-source browser Google Chrome is based on.

26 January 2016

These Are Google Chrome’s New Material Design App Icons

Anyone using Chromium, the open-source base that underpins Google Chrome, will soon notice something different: a brand new icon. The newly revamped Chromium logo is already in use in the latest developer build of the open-source browser, where it’s displayed on the […]

29 July 2015

Chrome for Android Is Now ‘Almost Entirely Open Source’

Chrome for Android is now largely open source after a drop of more than 100,000 lines of code, including the browser's UI, lands in the Chromium repo.

22 May 2015

Google Open Sources PDF Code in Chrome, Brings Built-In PDF Viewing to Chromium

Google and PDF-centric company Foxit has announced that it is open sourcing the PDF library used in Google Chrome.

16 June 2014

New Look ‘Incognito Mode’ Heading to Google Chrome

A refreshed version of the Chrome incognito mode new tab page is being tested by Google, featuring a flatter, brighter look and a brand new 'spy' icon.

1 May 2014

Google Trial ‘Ok Google’ Voice Search In Chrome Omnibar

Google are working on integrating "OK, Google" voice search technology directly into Chrome - no more need for extensions.

24 January 2014

Official: Google Now Coming To Chrome

Rumours have been circling since December that Google Now is coming to Chrome. Today's Chromium update has pushed Google Now to Chrome.

12 March 2013