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Gumdrop Chromebook Cases Protect Devices Against 6ft Drops

Gumdrop Chromebook Case

Gumdrop on the ASUS C201

Chromebooks and education go together like cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, cliched openings and Chrome-based blogs…. 

With popularity at at all time high in American schools  the concern over cracked and damaged devices is a growing concern.

It’s not been a huge surprise to see hardware manufacturers build ‘ruggedised’ Chromebooks built to weather the wear and tear of the classroom.

And considering the sometimes …cheaper materials used to make them, this has been a plus!

But what if you’re not a student or don’t own a reinforced Chromebook? How best to protect your purchase?

GumDrop SoftShell Cases

Gumdrop Cases has launched a new range of SoftShell cases for many popular Chromebooks that offer improved durability, a custom fit and ”always on protection”.

The rear bumper provides flexible hinge protection and heat ventilation, while a dual-layer shock absorbers protect the corners from cracking on impact.

Made from fibreglass reinforced polyurethane, the cases are are described as being tough but lightweight and easily cleaned.

Gumdrop Cases say a Chromebook ensconced in one of their cases is ‘fully protected’ from drops of 6 feet and under, and can be expected to continue functioning as normal.

You can see just how well the cases perform in the following drop test (though seeing folks smash up working Chromebooks for a series of YouTube video is …It’s a little hard to stomach).

Gumdrop Cases’ SoftShell cases for go on sale from the end of September (just in time for the busy school season) for the following devices:

  • Dell Chromebook 11
  • HP Chromebook 11
  • HP Chromebook 14
  • Samsung Chromebook (2nd Gen)

Cases for the following devices go on sale in October:

  • ASUS Chromebook C200
  • Acer Chrombook C720
  • Acer Chromebook C740
  • Acer Chromebook 11 CB3

Each protective Chromebook case costs from$49.95, available in a range of colors, and is available to buy direct from the Gumdrop Cases website and select online retailers, including

Gumdrop SoftShell Cases

  • Bora

    I’d rather pay 75$ extra for a metal Chromebook that survives a 2 feet drop than put this bulky rubber thing on cheap plastic.

    • Vincent

      I have a metal laptop, and while the casing doesn’t really damage it still gets loose if you drop it ;)

    • I would prefer both. :P

    • Degru

      One word: Dents.
      They are way more noticeable and ugly than cracks in plastic.

  • Mi Pen

    Bit expensive for a cover on a cheap Chromebook. My iPearl plastic laptop cover cost far less.

    • I imagine the snap on covers would simply crack/shatter on impact, and without shock absorbers affect the rest of the chromebook.

      Best/cheapest way to protect your Chromebook from 6ft drops is to not drop it, I guess.

      • Mi Pen

        Agreed. Its offers some basic drop protection on my iPearl. But not as good as this one I imagine. This one though is really more for really heavy environments like a work site, then I can understand it. But for light use its a bit too expensive and the cost is hard to justify over a cheap iPearl clip on cover. Unless on something expensive like a Google Pixel.

        • David Gabel

          If they’d lower the cost a bit, it’d be pretty good, I agree. I can see this being great for schools that issue Chromebooks for their classes/students as a way to not have to replace the entire laptop as much if it falls off a desk onto the floor.

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  • Ben Landvatter

    I’m confused. This very article shows one of their cases on the Asus C201, but I have contacted them and they do not offer one for that model. They DO offer one for the older Asus C200…

    For those who thought the same as me, No- they don’t currently offer a case for the C201 and claim that the case for the C200 won’t fit the 201 properly.

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