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Acer Chromebook C720 Hacked To Run Mac OS X

From Chromebook to …Hackintoshbook? Chromacintosh? Hack book?

C720 macos

Bored of running Chrome OS on your Acer C720 Chromebook? Want to turn it into a ‘hackintosh’ Mac Laptop?

Well, now you can.

CoolstarOrg, a genius at getting other OSes up and running on Chrome OS hardware, has written a detailed guide on how owners of the Acer C720 can install Mac OS X 10.11 ‘El Capitan’ on their Chromebook.

A timely “hackintosh” report, all told. It was just over a year ago that we reported on CoolStar’s effort to get OS X 10.9 Mavericks up and running on an the exact same Chromebook.

Sure, there are caveats and practicality issues, but it’s a great case of “…because why not?”.  Chromebooks are basic Intel-based PCs: they can run Linux, they can run Windows, so it’s no surprise that they can also run Mac OS X.

El Capitanbook

You will need an Acer C720 with an Intel Core i3-4005U and 4 GB RAM to follow along, as this chipset is the one most compatible with OS X (requiring only a few minor tweaks).

You’ll also need a a user-upgraded 64 GB (or higher) SSD and a legit copy of Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan ready to boot from a USB.

Don’t expect miracles once you’ve jumped through the required hoops, either. Trackpad scrolling is described as “poor and choppy”, and hackintoshers report patchy Wi-Fi issues.

Check out Coolstar’s full guide over on Reddit, and bookmark this page of his website for further details.

[Guide] Install OS X 10.11.5 El Capitan on Acer C720 Chromebook from chrultrabook

  • Kevin Hanson

    That’s great! That being said, I don’t think OS X El Capitan provides that great of an experience without 8GB of RAM…

    • Why?

      • Francisco Javier M.

        Right now, I’m on a macbook pro with 8gb RAM and el capitan installed, and it’s using 4gb with only Safari (with 3 tabs), whatsapp and telegram apps running.

        • Mac OS handles ram VERY different than other operating systems. Using half of your available ram is very normal for Mac OS. It takes your total in to account

          • Francisco Javier M.

            Yeah, it’s a weird approach since objective-c allows garbage colector and explicit memory management in apps. Also, when you close a window it doesn’t close the app, that can confuse new users.
            Not sure how memory management works at the kernel level, but it always uses a lot of RAM.

          • Because objective c can use garbage collection, the OS needs to manage memory for other applications. Mac OS grabs a large chunk of available ram and then applications request smaller chunks from that. This is why it looks like lots of ram is being used.

            The alternative would be each application including its own garbage collector which would be slow and wistful once lots were going at the same time

        • Rolf Bause

          Mac OS also uses compressed memory to compress inactive parts inside of RAM, if memory is starting to run out and dumping to disk is not enough.

  • I wonder if this would work with something like the Dell Chromebook 13 or Toshiba Chromebook?

    • ReddestDream

      It should, but the issue is just getting everything configured for the different hardware.

    • I almost have it working with the Dell Chromebook 13, but the required set of drivers is different so I got some issues with the USB driver for instance.

  • Mac software is horrible. Install Linux.

    • gubatron


    • Dawiisss

      You are aware that Mac is partially based off linux?

      • orfeas0

        Mac is based on UNIX
        Linux is based on UNIX
        Mac is not based on Linux, they only have common roots.

        That doesn’t matter in the OSX/Linux comparison though, as they are completely different OSes and you can’t always replace one with the other.

      • NewGlasgowTalks

        OSX is actually based off of BSD. BSD is a Unix-like OS just like Linux and they traditionally share some key pieces for their graphics and GUIs, but are ultimately different operating systems.

        • Jordan Davenport

          OS X actually uses a Mach-based kernel called XNU and a mostly FreeBSD userland.

          And while the BSD family is technically “Unix-like” since none are actually certified to meet the Single UNIX Specification even though they are mostly compliant, they are all descendants of actual Unix. Meanwhile, both GNU and the Linux kernel were a complete re-implementation from the beginning and not directly related other than providing comparable functionality.

          • David Gabel

            I think you meant to reply that to Dawiisss instead as that person does not know the difference between mac/Unix and Linux at all.

    • Chrome OS is already Linux.

      • BadBityy

        When people say this though, they usually mean installing Linux distro for the purposes of having a wealth of software available that a base ChromeOS install wouldn’t.

  • Sancho Panza Comunista

    I rather install Windows or a proper Linux Distribution, that’s the first I would do with a chromebook. MacOS is highly incompatible

    • ElectricPrism

      Windows on a Chromebook on a Pro-Linux Blog? That’s a bold statement cotton, lets see how it plays out.

  • Ulysses 31

    would rather the c720 be able to run android apps

  • Chromacbook

  • Hadrian Embalsado

    I love when the comments get so technical.

    • Want to cringe the most you have ever cringed in your life? Check out the comments in the New to Chrome articles…

      • Hadrian Embalsado

        The only thing that makes me cringe is when a sharp object is near a delicate part of the body like a razor blade near an eye.

        • That’s called wincing
          Cringing is different


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