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Convertible Lenovo Chromebook Lands on Amazon US for $330 (Pre Order)

Company gears up to launch dual-mode Chrome OS notebook in the States

Lenovo N20p ChromebookPre-orders for the new Lenovo Chromebook N20p, a dual-function convertible, have gone live on Amazon in the US.

Announced alongside a traditional clamshell model back in May 2014, the 11.6-inch device features a novel 300 degree hinge allowing it to be used in either a traditional laptop mode, or flipped into ‘stand’ mode, where the 10-point touch display can be put to full use.

While the ‘stand’ mode is what differentiates this Chromebooks from similarly spec’d offerings available from other vendors, Lenovo also produce a fully convertible ‘Yoga’ Chromebook aimed at education. 

Touch support in Chrome OS is now maturing, so stand mode may be more useful than solely a means to view movies or scroll through some web results.

Specifications of Lenovo N20p

  • 11.6-inch touchscreen display (1366×768)
  • Intel N2830 2.16GHz Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB SSD
  • Laptop & stand modes
  • 8-hour battery life

At under 1-inch (17.9mm) thick when closed, and weighing under 3lbs (1.3kg), the device is well in keeping with other models. But, usefulness of the stand to one side, the price is a bit of a letdown at a list price of $329.99.


Interested? Head over to Amazon US to place a pre-order or keep an eye on your preferred electronics retailer for a similar listing.

Buy Lenovo N20p Chromebook from Amazon US

  • bp

    I am waiting for the non-p version. Hoping it has a matte screen as well. Can’t seem to find any info confirming. I see that Lenovo has product pages up for both:

    • 3r0s

      Matte screen is good for anti reflection but bad to render colors on screen for pictures and movies.
      It would be nice to have glossy with anti reflection treatment like eye glasses.

  • Joseph Dickson

    I think this is very well priced, Celeron Processor and a touch screen with a decent keyboard. This may be the one to buy for me.

    • I’d like to have seen it a little lower, but agree: it’s a decent all-round spec.

  • moe

    why don’t they make them like the chromebook pixel size 12.8 that way you have more screen in a 11 inch body, more screen and less bezels. And thats for all chromebooks not just this..

    • Joseph Dickson

      It’s probably cheaper to go wide-screen I bet it’s produced in massive numbers for multiple devices.

  • moe

    this would look really good if chrome web browser gets a new look, one that kind of resembles Android but on desktop or chrome os in general, so check this out. Let me know what you think.

    • Joseph Dickson

      Yeah, I’ve actually thought the same thing. Technically Chome’s look is a bit old I bet they’re going to revamp it pretty soon. I’m expecting a Chrome tablet to show up one of these days.

  • sggodsell

    I can see why its $329. It has a 10 point multi-touch display with WiFi ac and Bluetooth 4.0