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Mid-Range Samsung Chromebook Discontinued, Replacement Unlikely

Samsung has today confirmed that it will not be releasing an updated mid-range Chromebook to take over from its second-generation Series 5 550 model released last year. 

A report by Time’s Jared Newman, recently reported that last year’s Samsung Chromebook 5 550 has disappeared off Amazon, suggesting a new mid-range Chromebook is on the horizon. This would back recent rumours that Intel Haswell-powered Chromebooks are coming and a gap-in-the-market for mid-range Chromebook.

“Samsung deem the Series 3, released last October, as the replacement model for the Series 5 550.”

Today, Samsung PR have confirmed that no replacement for the Series 5 550 is coming. Samsung deem the Series 3, released last October, as the replacement model for the Series 5 550. Furthermore, Samsung have confirmed that won’t be a new version of the Series 3 until 2014.

It seems strange that the Series 3 is the replacement Chromebook. The 5 550 had a faster CPU and more RAM compared to the Series 3; the Series 3 is aimed to provide a low price point for average users, while the 5 550 was for the early adopters.

With Haswell-powered Chromebooks still rumoured to be on the way, and a clear need for a mid-range Chromebook between the £1000 Pixel and the £220 Samsung Chromebook. A mid-range Chromebook may be on the way, but not necessarily from Samsung.

The Series 3, the true successor to the 5 550??

The Series 3, the true successor to the 5 550??

  • Jon A.

    Well, nuts…

  • splinky

    Cheaper is the way of the future the new HP is 30$ less as well. Face it, in a year components will be cheaper. Nobody wants to pay high prices. They buy apple after all

  • bimsebasse

    They’re too small and expensive – why wouldn’t you just get a tablet?

    • Phil Oakley

      Because this is a laptop and that’s a tablet.

      • bimsebasse

        Keyboard accessory = a tablet that can double as a laptop (notebook). Notebook sales are dwindling in my country, I’m guessing because a lot of potential buyers think the same – what’s the point? Either do a proper laptop with 14″+ screen, so you offer something a tablet hasn’t, or see people get a tablet instead.

        • Kelly

          To your first sentence, not necessarily. This may be true in the future if the predictions about convergence between Android and Chrome OS come true, but at the moment, a notebook with Chrome OS is a much different experience from a tablet/keyboard setup with Android. I have a Nexus 7 with a Bluetooth keyboard, and it suffices most of the time, but I still find myself using my laptop for big tasks. It’s nothing to do with the screen size–I don’t mind small screens–but mostly because Android still isn’t designed as a laptop replacement, mainly because multitasking is still clunky.

          That being said, I agree that Chromebooks are better off becoming proper laptops (packaged apps in Chrome OS is a nice step in this direction, and I really think Chromebooks that dual-boot Linux and Chrome OS could be popular) than staying in this awkward in-between position. At the moment, Chromebooks are really only worth it for people who already have a full-fledged laptop and a tablet and have the money/need/desire for a third portable device, which is a minority. As you say, people will generally choose tablets over Chromebooks.

  • I am rather dissappointed. I was looking forward to the 5 550 replacement, I want to replace my Series 5 with a faster Chromebook, ideally with Haswell. Assumed Samsung was building a Haswell Chromebook.

  • Samuel Horne

    Buying the Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 a week ago was the best move I made. And for all those who say a tablet should suffice, it most certainly doesn’t. There’s something satisfying about having a keyboard for lightning fast typing. Having a keyboard is physical, and there are shortcuts to your workflow, like alt-tab or select all. You could write blogs or articles on here, which I have, but doing the same on a tablet is very unnatural. And after all, it is also gorgeous in design.

    • Exactly. I use more Chromebook for productivity and I use my tablet for media consumption.

      • Samuel Horne

        Precisely, although I’ll admit I use my phone for consumption as it’s always on hand for the latest ongoings. I have found typing such a joy on this keyboard (through Google Docs) I may attempt to write my dissertation on this. Maybe. It shall be an interesting experiment…

        • Andrew

          Why not? I wrote my dissertation on my Chromebook and it was brilliant.

        • I too have written my dissertation on my Chromebook. Though, after 8000 words Google Docs was very sluggish. Had to move it to Microsoft Word to complete my 26,000 word dissertation.

      • Lou G

        I use my chromebook for media consumption too.

      • John Scott

        Have to agree, my Nexus 7 has been pretty much retired to a quick reference tool and my Chromebook and PC’s are back to being primaries. I too like my tactile keyboards.

  • david

    I was hoping for Exynos 5 Octa before buying Series 3 Chromebook from Samsung, but looks like I will need to wait till 2014 :/

    • Phil Oakley

      That’ll hopefully come soon.

    • Mehmed

      The Exynos 5410 has some issues.. they are working on a Exynos 5420 as i red…

  • Anthony Casadonte

    So no replacement will be coming soon, but what about the touch screen asus chromebook rumored awhile back? Is that still coming? Anyone have any ideas/hear anything new about this?

  • SausPud

    What would be nice is laptop/tablet with windows os, android os and chrome os. Triple boot option on startup and changable from os one click button. Samsung just announced a dual boot tablet/laptop with android and windows.

    • Anon Yser

      Or a laptop with Linux, with a quad core ARM processor, 4GB RAM and a 128GB SSD with upgradeable processor, RAM, and SSD.

      • fandroid98

        Like that idea more. Dual boots Chrome OS and Ubuntu when you have something serious.

        • Onetrack

          ubuntu isn’t serious for anything, all it is, is another delivery system for a web browser.

  • FrankT

    This is absolutely untrue. Refuted by sources within Google.

  • Curtis Mitchell

    This is unfortunate. I would have liked a 13.3” or 14.1” form factor with better specs (mainly a better screen, though more RAM too). I love my Series 3 but after four months with it, I definitely notice some annoyances with it, particularly in regards to RAM limitations.

    • KevinM2k

      I agree, which is why I took it back and got the 550… a bit improvement.

  • Christopher Benson

    I think for most users the basic model has everything they need, which is probably why they’re backing off the mid-range. For $249, you can get a brand new Samsung Chromebook which is thin, lightweight, very fast and get an average of 6-7 hours battery life. And with everything moving to the Cloud, it does everything most people need on their bigger, clunkier laptops that cost much more. I have a lot more specifics on a lens for people looking for a Chromebook owners personal experience before they buy their own.

  • John Scott

    The 3 series is very basic and its a reach to say the hardware is good enough even for a entry level Chrome OS device. One has to wonder if indeed the Chrome OS is not worthy of better hardware? I have no doubt the Pixel is not selling well. At $1200 that’s a ridiculous price for a Chrome OS device. But I would have liked to see something in a $500 notebook with a Intel CPU or even AMD. I myself am not thrilled by the Samsung ARM processor in the 3 series.

    • Benny Kleykens

      The ARM processor is indeed a bit underwhelming although I am convinced that it’s great value for the money. But if you have a bigger budget the 550 was definately a far more capable system.

  • Benny Kleykens

    well there’s still the Lenovo X131e which is becoming available to the general public via certain channels (eBay, for one). The X131e , from its specs, seems to be a good replacement for the S5 550 and has the added benefit of being easily serviceable and upgradeable and ruggedized !
    Go Get Them while they’re hot :-D