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Mid-Range Samsung Chromebook Discontinued, Replacement Unlikely

Samsung released its second-generation Chromebook, Series 5 550, last year with many expecting an updated mid-range Chromebook coming this month. Samsung have today confirmed that this is not the case.

20 June 2013

Google Recommend ‘Booq Viper Hardcase’ for Samsung Chromebook

The newly-launched Samsung Chromebook Series 3 - aka 'the ARM one' - may be new to the market, but Google are already pimping an after-market case for it. The 'Booq Viper Hardcase 11" for Chromebook' is listed on the US Google Play Store alongside the Samsung Series 3 under 'accessories'.

28 October 2012

Google Announce $249/£229 ARM Chromebook

Google have today (October 18th) announced the availability of a new $249 Chromebook. The device is powered by an ARM processor, one of the key enablers of the lower-than-usual price.

18 October 2012