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New Look System Notifications Heading to ChromeOS

Nicer looking system notifications are on their way to Google’s ChromeOS.

new chromeos notificaitions

The notifications are only for specific set of system related events and will not (yet) replace web-app or website toasts currently used in Chrome, Chromium and ChromeOS.

So far they are set to be used for:

  • USB/SD Card device detection
  • Device formatting
  • New SMS message
  • Low battery alert
  • Locale change
  • Network issues on WiFi and Cellular networks

The ‘call out’ design is in keeping with the system menu used in Aura, even keeping the¬†triangular¬†point in the one place rather than, as some might be tempted to do, use it to denote the action being referred to in the notification.

No word on quite when the change will land, but with a raft of new features (including pinch to zoom) set to land in the 21 release due shortly I’d hedge my bets on it arriving then.

  • stewieX

    I wonder how long it will be until ChromeOS is included with every copy of Android, running off the same kernal on larger screens like Ubuntu for Android. If this isn’t googles strategy, then they should just drop development of Chrome OS right now and focus on an x86 version of Android optimized for larger screens because it is a lot more compelling OS.

    • In a way, they are.

      Google Chrome for Android (which is in Beta right now) is on it’s way to becoming as good as the desktop version. Android x86 already exists, but it’s not Google-supported and doesn’t run Chrome for Android (the app only supports ARM).

      So if Google supported the Android x86 project and made Chrome for Android work on x86 processors, it would be perfect.

      • Intel made a version of Android to run on x86, but I wonder if there can be some sort of ARM processor emulator via software in the works.

        • That would be very nice, but it would probably make the ARM apps somewhat slow and unusable.

          • Not if you have a very powerful x86 or x86-64 processor, such as the CORE i7’s.

        • Intel never actually made a version of Android to run on x86, The Android-x86 project originally had patches that Intel supplied to the project, According to the developers though, Intel stopped submitting patches to them a while back.

    • Short answer : Never

      Long answer : Google will drop Chrome OS shortly

  • I wonder if ChromeOS can somehow use Notify-OSD. It does have great effects.