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Pocket App Comes to Chrome, Lets You Read Articles Offline


‘Read it Later’ service Pocket has launched a new Chrome app that allows articles saved to it to be read both online and offline.

Articles and images added to your Pocket account can be synced with the app for viewing offline on any desktop running Google Chrome.

As well as providing a web-interface the service can also be accessed through various mobiles and tablet apps and a desktop app on OS X.┬áBut by creating a Chrome ‘packaged app’ Pocket are making their service available to even more people, including those with poor internet connections.


Pocket for Chrome offers a number of features, including:

  • Offline reading
  • Tagging & Starring of items
  • Tiles or list view
  • Social network sharing
  • Font resizing and styling
  • “In app” browser view

Whilst you can’t add articles to it from the app itself, a┬áChrome extension and bookmarklet are available, letting you quickly add articles to Pocket when browsing the web.

Pocket for Chrome is a free application, though will require a free Pocket account to be of use.

Pocket App for Google Chrome

  • Masoud Pourmoosa

    Come on! It’s Firefox extension has offline reading option for ages! I have set it up so that it saves all items also for offline view.

    • ken147

      The title of this blog is “OMG! Chrome!” not “OMG! FireFox!”

      • Masoud Pourmoosa

        Oops! This is not OMG! Ubuntu! Sorry for my “spam”!

  • Ian Santopietro

    There must be something about Ubuntu and Chrome apps, because for both this and Keep, the apps will never log in.

    • I found that after hitting log I needed to ‘quit’ the app then re-open it. Then I’d be logged in.

    • miri

      It’s just the app. I had trouble logging in on my Chromebook.

  • This seems to be a different version of what I have installed on browser. Is it?

  • William Nicholls

    I am unable to see this updated version via app store for chromeos…? (says Updated: August 1, 2012)

    • William Nicholls

      scratch that – following the link does take to a seperate ‘pocket’ app on the store (separate from the one that appears when search for pocket / that i already had installed…?)

      • Sam Tran

        If you do a search in the Chrome Store, you should see Pocket listed under “Apps”, “Websites”, and “Extensions”. You probably have the one under “Websites” installed that was last updated on August 1, 2012. The old “app” you already had installed was recategorised after the changes noted here: Hope that clears it up a bit.

        • William Nicholls

          Gotcha thanks. Anyone think it odd that the packaged app lacks the ability to change from newest to oldest sorting?

  • Robert Adonias Costa Gomes

    Now that’s a packaged app I might finally use… Icon is looking great on Unity launcher, even being too much “squareful”