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Samsung Reportedly Dropping Windows In Favour of Chromebooks

arm-chromebook-topSamsung will halt production of Windows notebooks in 2015 to focus entirely on Chromebooks, a new report has claimed.

Sources close to the Asia-based industry site Digitimes, and within the supply chain serving the South Korean electronics giant, are reporting that Samsung “will no longer launch conventional notebook models except Chromebooks” from 2015.

‘Samsung will no longer launch conventional notebook models except Chromebooks…’

The company has long been a supporter of Google’s thin-client cloud-based OS, launching one of the first Chromebooks back in 2011. A refreshed version of their best-selling ‘Samsung Chromebook’ is rumoured to arrive near easter, utilising an eight-core ARM processor.

Digitimes’ information is best taken with a liberal pinch of a sodium-based seasoning. While they have enviable access to many key players in the electronics supply chains around Asia, not everything they choose to relay turns out to be accurate.

‘Does it really makes sense to back Chrome OS exclusively?’

With that said, the report does give a potential reasoning for such a switch.

Samsung expected to ship 17 million notebooks in 2013 but only managed to shift 12 million. As a result, insiders say the company has lowered its notebook forecasts for 2014 to 7 million units – a drop of nearly 50%. on the previous year.

Shipment math aside, does it really makes sense for them to back Chrome OS exclusively?

Having enjoyed runaway success with their titular “Samsung Chromebook” in 2012, it’s unlikely that such thoughts haven’t crossed their minds.

And with Windows 8 expected to send PC sales into ‘free fall‘ this year, it could be a gamble that pays off. 

  • Klon

    Report is false how can they surely the vast majority of their sales are still windows notebooks unless those are completely unprofitable.

    Basically they are not going to drop windows.

    • Well they expected to sell 17 million Windows laptops and only sold 12 million. They’re probably pretty worried. That’s a big miss.

      I doubt the report is completely accurate. My guess is that they’ll still make high end Windows laptops but drop the midrange units and shift a lot more resources and marketing over to Chromebooks. So partly true but not entirely. Of course, if that works, they may shift all the way over.

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      Samsung is big enough for them to be able to say “pff, no more Windows”. They’ll make a profit on TV’s, screens, RAM memory, SSD’s or smartphones/tablets.

  • FirstLine

    DigiTimes is in the same category as Fox News. They make stuff up all the time.

    • Yeah, DigiTimes is the kind of place where a rumor of “Samsung is going to increase focus on Chromebooks” becomes “Samsung Abandons Windows Exclusively For Chrome.”

    • The “problem” for those of us on the outside looking in is that Digitimes do, more often than you’d think, have an okay hit rate. It’s not stellar, but they are one of the few in that area still pulling “scoops” out of the bag.

      That makes it difficult. Dismiss a report and it could turn out to be true, or cover a report knowing that it could be wide of the mark. My approach is to report it as is, but frame it scepticism (as my long winded ‘pinch of salt’ analogy tries to do) and give as much additional background as possible/relevant (i.e. the success of the series 3, in this case; the forecasted “free-fall” of Windows 8 notebooks, etc).

      Tl;dr: needles. haystack.

      • Digitimes use the “spray and pray” method. Throw everything out there. What’s right will make them look smart. Or so they hope.

  • If the report is true, then there are things going on in the marketplace that we don’t know about yet (massive uptick in Chromebook sales and epically bad Windows sales). In that way that people didn’t know why Microsoft was attacking the Chromebook until those sales statistics came out for consumer and education market growth. These companies know what’s going on before we do.

    • Robert Trance

      I guess the world just got tired slowly of Windows….and likes Google software design and function

      • I think it’s more an issue of apathy. Most of the world never loved or hated Windows. It was everywhere and they didn’t have a choice but use it except at home, and then only if they went with a Mac and could afford one, since Linux is beyond the average computer user. So most people have no attachment to Windows. Anything easier and/or cheaper will appeal more to them. The mobile revolution has changed the average buyers expectations.

  • lol what? Digitimes can’t be trusted and all, but that report is talking about hardware form factors, not operating systems. Windows laptops will be “unconventional” form factors, like tablets with keyboards, or laptops that fold all the way over.

    • “…except Chromebooks” precludes other operating systems. Samsung only ship one other OS at present on notebooks.

    • Pierre Gardin

      “Windows laptops” production will go on, but not Windows notebooks production.

  • Cristian Otegui

    El mundo de las computadoras está cambiando. Ya no se venden tantas laptops como antes. Entonces, no es conveniente fabricar este tipo de computadoras. El mercado se orienta a las tablets. Fabricar una chromebook es más barato.

  • Alan Bell

    I think someone (not Joey) might be getting confused between netbooks and notebooks. I think it is plausible that everything under 14″ will be chromeOS

    • Zactu

      Very well could be. If Samsung still want to go with Microsoft, they could be using this as leverage against Microsoft for a better deal, and Samsung in turn may have to promise that they make Chromebooks with lower specs only. There will be plenty of dealing going on which we are not aware of. Microsoft plays hardball when there is any potential threat against their monopoly.

  • They might be just replacing normal notebooks with Chromebooks. And continue Windows on Ultrabooks exclusively.

  • Brandon

    A full Chrome OS with revamped desktop features would be great. Excited – this is big.

  • Roland

    A Decent HDMI enabled Monitor or even a TV, a HDMI cable and a Chromebook with the brightness turned down will make an ok Chromebase replacement add a multi touchpad keyboard and webcam and you’ve got a Chromebase that doubles as a Chromebook.