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Chrome Canary Offers Mac Users ‘Off’ Switch for Notification Centre

mac notification bell options

Hide the bell in Mac Canary

Mac users will soon be able to hide the Chrome Notification Centre icon from the OS X menu bar.

The feature, introduced to Windows and Mac users last year, gives quick one-click access to a list of un-actioned notifications and select information from Google Now.

But it also conflicts with the default notification system available on the desktop.

To make hiding the bell easier an option has been appointed to the Chrome menu: ‘Hide Notifications Icon’. When enabled it does just that, tucking the bell emblem out of sight.

The option itself doesn’t disable notifications entirely, merely the panel in which they’re stored until the user is ready to dismiss them. Users will continue to see toasts from enabled websites, apps and services. With nowhere to sit until actioned these will remain on screen until closed or clicked.

The feature is one of several minor user-facing changes to land in recent builds of Chrome Canary.

Of other changes, one positions images opened in a new tab in the centre rather than flush on the left:

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 16.59.03

  • Seriously now?

    The Chrome Notifications Center icon is way too convenient to disable, but it’s nice to finally have the option. Ever since the introduction of Google Now, the Bell works quite well. I used to get mixed experiences — like random disappearance of the icon — but it’s been working consistently for a while now.

    I like how everything is tucked in there nicely. Perhaps except anything related to Hangouts, but that’s a whole different story.

  • tommy thumb

    Their “rich”, aka sh*t notifications are horrible. Massive obtrusive box that careens on to your screen and stays there until you click it off. Seriously why bother?

  • Tom Storm

    I wish there was someway to just incorporate the Chrome notifications into OSX’s notification center..

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