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Google Brings ‘Chrome Metro Mode’ to Windows 7 Users

Windows 7 users can now play with the Chrome OS-style Windows 8 Metro Mode in the latest Chrome Canary builds, a feature previously exclusive to Windows 8.

5 September 2014

Offline? Chrome Will Soon Let You Load Websites from Cache

Google Chrome will soon allow you to read certain webpages without an internet connection. How? By loading them from the cache when connection issues arise.

18 August 2014

Better Late Than Never: Google Finally Brings 64-bit Chrome to Windows

Google has finally released native 64-bit builds of Chrome for Windows 7 and 8, albeit as development builds aimed at developers and brave testers.

4 June 2014

New Canary Feature Prevents Chrome from Quitting When Apps Are Running on Mac

Chrome Apps are great, but if there is one drawback to using them on Windows and Mac OS X it's that they quit when Chrome does.

10 May 2014

Google Flirts with Finder Integration In Latest Mac Canary Release

Mac users on the Google Chrome Canary channel can take advantage of deeper system integration.

10 May 2014

Chrome Canary Offers Mac Users ‘Off’ Switch for Notification Centre

Mac users will soon be able to hide the Chrome Notification Centre icon from the OS X menu bar.

25 April 2014

Chrome Canary Revamps User Switching Menu On Mac OS X

A revamped user switching menu offering new features has been made available for testing in Chrome's Canary builds on Mac OS X.

24 January 2014

‘Google Now’ Arrives on the Desktop In Latest Chrome Canary Update

Google Now has arrived on the desktop in the latest update to Chrome's Canary channel, putting weather, sports and traffic info within easy reach.

16 January 2014

How To Access The Hidden Canary Mode On Chromebooks

Did you know that Chrome OS has a hidden Canary Channel setting? Until recently, neither did I.

28 December 2013

5 Reasons To Try Google Chrome Canary

Google Chrome's Canary Channel offers the best way to try the latest new features without comprimising on stability by installing alongside regular Chrome.

1 November 2013

Chrome Message Center Arrives in Canary for Mac

Mac users now have access to Chrome's new 'Message Center' in Canary builds.

17 May 2013

Google Readies Retina Display Support for Chrome

Work on tailoring Google Chrome's appearance to support the high pixel-density of Apple's new 'Retina Display' MacBook Pro has begun.

13 June 2012